Find answers to frequently asked questions about GMN spindles and spindle. Highest precision at high speeds: Milling spindles from GMN. We offer. High-speed spindles with an integrated motor. GMN high-speed spindles for.

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The options for standardized series offer the best spindle solutions for nearly all applications. At any time spinle our hotline: The benefits are increased precision and displacement at critical own frequencies.

Cooling and lubrication units. What should one consider when selecting a standard spindle? GMN offers many cable and plug connectors for reliable signal transmission and power supply to motor spindles. Interfaces, tool selection, grinding mandrels Retrofitting of competitive products Special solutions Cooling units, lubrication units.

All of the details available at the time of the question maximum allowable dimensions, motor performance, speed, interfaces, etc.

Can GMN spindles be operated in both rotational directions? Get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here. You can obtain the best spindle for your tasks from a broad series of designs and options. GMN manufactures abrasive mandrels with high roundness and flatness precision spindlee all provided GMN abrasive mandrel holders. GMN offers many cable and plug connectors for reliable signal transmission and power supply to motor spindles.


Lubricators and cooling units are also available at GMN, such as plugs, cables, grinding arbors, grinding disk flanges and pulleys. Series with HSK tool interface HSP series All-round spjndle spindle with oil-air lubricated bearing for universal grinding, milling and drilling applications. High-frequency spindles have internal cooling channels.

Supplier of GMN Spindle Technology

These enhancements minimize the number of spindles required to cover a large speed range. Nearly all spindles are equipped with GMN high-precision ball bearings. These provide reliable operational security, quiet running and long lives.

Is GMN spindle technology closed during spjndle If desired, a service technician can be sent to assist with commissioning and to answer questions to the operating personnel. We can ensure that GMN high-speed spindles run with absolute operational security, and always achieve excellent performance values using high-quality and continuously improved components.

Spindle bearings – GMN

Are synchronous as well as asynchronous motors used? GMN manufactures grinding quills with high roundness and flatness precision for all provided GMN standard tool interfaces. In addition, GMN offers customer-specific solutions.

High-speed spindles from GMN are designed for extremely high machining speeds in machining. There are spindle types in which the motor is flanged. All-round high-speed spindle with permanent grease lubricated bearing spinfle universal grinding, milling and drilling applications. How is the rotational direction of the spindles defined?

What does the engraved mark on the connectors mean?


GMN offers spindle types at various speed and performance levels. Are the spindles always designed as tool spindles? Advantages Longer service life Hybrid bearings achieve more than twice the life of steel bearings due to their characteristic material properties.

Download spindles – GMN

Workplace design, tools, control measures, lubrication, installation. Balance, type and design of the tools used Maintenance activities Type and design of the lubrication system and quality of lubricating oil Scope and type of use Actual speed spindel. Oder benutzen Sie unsere Sitemap zur Navigation. Water cooling of motor as well as front bearings:: Machine run times are significantly increased.

On request, GMN supports commissioning of spindles and spindle systems with its highly trained professionals. Does the motor basically sit in the housing between the bearing sets?

Speeds upto rpm:: What tool interface do the spindles have? Why does my spindle need a serial number? The functionality, effectiveness and lifetime of your spindle can be increased with the right accessories.

With the use of hybrid gm, the shaft diameters of the all the models have been increased to give much higher stiffness as compared to the old models with steel bearings.