On a snowy Friday night in , just hours after making love for the first time, Richard’s girlfriend, high school senior Karen Ann McNeil, falls into a coma. Review In this latest novel from the poet laureate of Gen X–who is himself now a dangerously mature boy does indeed meet girl. The year is. Nicholas Lezard on Douglas Coupland’s best yet: Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland pp, Flamingo, £ Sat 14 Nov

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I found the characters in this book fully realized, in some cases tremendously sensual, and in all cases talking about things that I am curious about. Retrieved from ” https: Paperbackpages. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Parts 1 and 2 of this book, but the last hundred pages or so felt like I was trapped in a bad post-apocalytic movie.

It also begins to explain where she had been all those years and the reality she had hoped to escape. Although God makes no personal appearances here, He’s represented by the ghost of an year-old football player whose life touched all the aimless souls wandering through this media- literate narrative. They are all round, three dimensional people who undergo great changes, both prior to the world’s end and after it.

To ask other readers questions about Girlfriend in a Comaplease sign up. This section is again narrated by Jared. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Jul 18, Danielle rated it it was ok. Ask questions, no, screech questions out loud — while kneeling in front of their electric doors at Safeway, demanding other citizens ask questions along with you — while chewing up girlfried textbooks and spitting the words onto downtown, sidewalks — outside the Planet Hollywood, outside the stock exchange, and outside the Gap. The kind who thinks they’ll never be another cog in the machine.


When Karen McNeil slips into a coma at seventeen, the doctors reveal that she’s pregnant, and her boyfriend Richard decides to raise the baby. At the end of the book, we are cupland with many unanswered questions, most of them of our own making, hopefully. Maybe I did but I forgot?


And it’s not that I’m not that person anymore. Without giving away too much plot, I’ll say that the very end was rather touching, but didn’t come close to making up for the utterly ridiculous sci-fi turn that the book took. Without giving too much away, here’s the cokpland Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

An annoying book that does not provoke ‘deeper thoughts’ and ‘questions about life’, just anger and frustration at what happens when dickheads write a book. Without giving away too much plot, The first half of this book was a really interesting and well-written novella about loss, grief, and loneliness and the rippling impact of tragedy.

Douglae found the ending to be a girlffriend meh and disappointing. This is an explication ocupland one of my favourite quotes, Human beings do not live forever This little group of people had included a boy who had died young, before the coma, and he was the go-between between the afterlife and the world with magical powers.

Other than I fear that this book was a complete and utter waste of my precious time. Girlfriend in a Coma is a novel by Canadian writer and artist Douglas Coupland.

Girlfriend in a Coma

Open Preview See a Problem? Karen, an attractive, popular student, goes into a coma one night in Indeed I couldn’t wait to finish this book and throw it away.

Karen, 17 years later, with a mind of her teenage youth unlike the others finds difficulty in accepting and adapting to contemporary society. Don’t accept the world for the way it is.


The final part of the book details life after everyone except these seven people have fallen asleep and not reawakened. Choices still existed, but they were no longer infinite. The narrator and his circle soldier on, making the slow progression from debauched Vancouver youths to semi-responsible adults. I was planning on reading Generation X right after this, but I don’t I thoroughly enjoyed reading Parts 1 and 2 of this book, coulpand the last hundred pages or so felt like I was trapped in a bad post-apocalytic movie.

I loved the opening chapters, for that he gets a full five stars. I like how Coupland manages to make you think without overwhelming you or depressing you.

I read a third of it then when he was at work and it was too cold to venture outside and set it aside duoglas things got busy and life got kind of serious girlfrlend a while.

Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland

Reading the end of this book, there’s a scene where a major character is describing how the rest of the main characters should be. As usual, Coupland communicates it in style.

It pretty well erupted out of me. And if you think that sounds wiggy, get a load of the novel itself. I used those adjectives to cupland my irritation at Coupland’s exhortations to pull our socks up, but that doesn’t diminish the moral force and excitement of the book. In lateCoupland was touring for Microserfs throughout Europe. He succeeded in some parts, and I wouldn’t say failed, but something in that couplanr, in other parts Well, that was a messy sentence.