“In One Two Three Infinity, as in his other books, George Gamow succeeds where others fail because of his remarkable ability to combine technical accuracy . One of the world’s foremost nuclear physicists (celebrated for his theory of radioactive decay, among other accomplishments), George Gamow possessed th . INFINITY Facts and Speculations of Science George Gamow Illustrated by the . Giant and supergiant stars. White dwarf stars.

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One, Two, ThreeInfinity: Facts and Speculations of Science by George Gamow

Selected pages Title Page. A sad story, but what is sadder still is the fact that the fellow might have had infnity treasure, if only he had known a bit about 6 The actual figures of longitude and latitude were given in the document but are omitted in this text, in order not to give away the secret.

It is of course much larger than the alleged “largest prime num- ber” N. If you enjoyed this please check out my blog for other reviews: Now it is ea: But that is only an impression.

Another remarkable formula that produces many primes is: But if you take one donkey out of the surface, turn it around in space, and put it back again, the two donkeys will become identical. Selections from His Writings. In all these cases, however, we do not of course use a hydraulic press or any other physical force to do the job, but apply the method known as geometrical “projection” or shadow building. Georg of geotge, and fertilization of the egg cell.

One, Two, Three…Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science

And if that’s the case, what’s the use of grorge them anyway? Seems quite simple and natural indeed! Now write above this sequence, the sequence of integers and you have the one-to-one correspondence between the infinity of fractions and the infinity of integers.

If you still do not believe that it is absolutely unnecessary infinkty know the position of the gallows in order to find the treasure, mark on a sheet of paper the positions of two trees, and try to carry out the gworge given in the message on the parchment by assuming several different positions for the gallows. Get ready to have some fun because the whole thing is palatable to any curious person.


One Two Three . . . Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science

In fact, observations carried on at the very limit georfe telescopic power seem to indicate that at these giant distances space begins to curve, showing a pronounced tendency to come back and to close on itself in the same way as do jnfinity channels in our example of an apple eaten by the worms. He found the island, the field, the oak and the pine, but to his great sorrow the gallows was gone.

Our adventurous young man fell into infinoty, then in an angry frenzy began to dig at random all over the field.

In carrying out this broad plan, I have made no attempt to tell the whole story, knowing that any such attempt would inevitably result in an encyclopedia of many volumes.

One, Two, Three– Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science – George Gamow – Google Books

Thus a thin beam of light sent parallel to the axis cannot pass through, no matter how the axis is turned. The number you will get will look something like this: As for the style, it’s fairly readable, but not to my taste.

Is it possible by using all our three-dimensional intelligence to imagine a super- FlGURE 24 A wrong and a correct way to “squeeze” a three-dimensional body into a two-dimensional surface.

View all 4 comments. Eratosthenes measures the Earth. To turn these two distances by right angles clockwise to the right and counter- clockwise to the left we must, according to the above rules multiply them by — i and by i, thus finding the location at which we must place our two spikes as follows: It is important to notice that the joining points of the two stairway systems would not actually differ from any other point within the sphere, since it would always be possible to deform the whole structure so that the joining points would be pulled inward and the points that were previously inside would come to the surface.


Look at Figure 22, representing some examples of the possible inhabitants of flatland, that is, of the space of two dimensions only. The “End of the World” problem. The cyclic nuclear reaction chain responsible for the energy generation in the sun. He comes close to predicting DNA.

When we measure length, width, or height we can use in all three cases one and the same unit, say 1 in.

According to Georg Cantor, the creator of the “arithmetics of infinity,” infinite numbers are denoted by the Hebrew letter N aleph with a little number in the lower right corner that indi- cates the order of the infinity. Open Preview See a Problem? The book makes me yearn for more and more. In looking through the discussion of the last few pages care- fully, you may notice, however, that in making the drawings of the polyhedrons “of infiniity different kinds” shown in Figure 14, as Unusual Properties of Space 49 well as in the mathematical reasoning leading to gxmow proof of Euler’s theorem, we made one hidden assumption that results in a considerable limitation of our choice.

There’s magic in these pages. It will be noticed that the last part of the book, which discusses the “Macrocosmos,” is considerably shorter than the part on “Microcosmos. The recoil problem in artillery and nuclear physics.

The more complex topics related to relativity and time-space paradigms will need a more erudite reader to understand and appreciate.