Welcome to SAP SCM APO Global Available To Promise Wiki space. This is the WIKI starting point for topics around SCM APO Global. This virtual data model provides the prerequisites for analyzing sales order confirmation scenario from a Global Available-to-Promise (GATP) perspective in SAP. Of all of the applications in SAP SCM, Global Available to Promise (GATP) is often considered the most difficult to explain and, as a result, the.

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Key attributes in this reuse view provide information on the order, order item, ATP step name, ATP step index, and so on. GATP looks out across many locations, for many periods, and can also return with changed proposals.

Backorder processing is usually performed in the background, but interactive backorder processing is also possible. It provides overview of all the main functionalities of GATP. Here is the quote: It is against the planned stock. You can combine several GATP methods to provide more advanced capabilities.

Availability Checking Availability checking is the standard functionality of SD. Sxp are some supply chain experts who dispute the implementability of SAP GATP because some of the data, such as the shipping ssap time accuracy.

Introduction to SAP APO GATP

Basically, BOP consists of three steps: All requirements for date range. It is difficult for most companies to make improvements in supply planning without outside advice. This virtual data model provides the prerequisites for answering the following business questions:.


This is explained at this link. In branched supply chain networks, rules-based ATP allows companies to take full advantage of multiple shipping assets to ship goods from alternative sites to customers. The answer might surprise you! This allows processing to be performed against Contracts and Scheduling Agreements.

Global Available-to-Promise (GATP) – SAP Documentation

This virtual data model provides the prerequisites for answering the following business questions: I am glad you liked it. Key attributes in this reuse view provide information on the order, order item, product, location, customer, ATP step name, limiting step, and so on.

GATP Methods can be classified into three areas: This book explains why no one supply planning process meets all requirements and lists the many benefits of using multiple supply planning methods.

In this case, the quantity confirmation is performed against the forecast. Key measures in this reuse view provide information on the requested quantity, confirmed quantity, and substituted quantity. GATP is a sophisticated application that is best considered by companies that are already at an advanced state in their supply chain planning.

What are the st Easily apply 13 days ago – save job hatp more As far as the published material shortage, this surprising because GATP is one of the original SCM modules, so there has been plenty of time to document it. Allocations are used to describe a connection between demand and future inventory. For instance, there is an ATP tree structure for each request schedule line in the sales order that contains the requirements data for the finished products and components. Key attributes in this reuse view provide information on the order, order item, product, location, customer, and so on.


It provides a return date and quantity on tatp sales orders, which leads to a distinction that should be understood. GATP quickly makes information available to provide real-time optimized decision support.

GATP can look out for planned on-hand and productive capacity far into the future, providing specific commitment dates. It is especially helpful for business scenarios that require products to be configured for individual customers assemble-to-order scenarios. gatl

Introduction to SAP APO GATP • *Brightwork | SAP Planning

BOP, as referred to by SAP, list sales documents relevant for particular materials allowing for confirmation. Using information in the DP module, PAL lets you know your availability to promise when sales orders compete for quantities in a constrained supply chain. From these differences, you can see that Sa is a much more involved and feature-rich solution, but the advantage of M-ATP is that it takes far fewer computing resources.

So, unexpected demands from the customers are to be fulfilled by defining the priorities and rules as per the business expectations specially in make-to-stock scenario.

The ATP quantity referenced during the product availability check is based on categories defined in Scope of Check. The book is also useful as a general document on how multi-methods can be used in supply planning applications.