Full Blooded (Jessica McClain) [Amanda Carlson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the vein of Kelley Armstrong and Patricia Briggs, . It’s not easy being a girl. It’s even harder when you’re the only girl in a family of werewolves. But it’s next to impossible when your very existence spells out the. Jessica McClain series detials and buy links.

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Just as in the Novella James, Rourke, Callum and more of the pack where there also. Jessica was an instant like character for me. Elsewhere, new alliances are formed to stem the rising darkness strengthening a deity who feeds on pestilence and decay.

This series has all the potential to grow in to a fantastic series. I really enjoyed this aspect, no stringing the reader along with a lot of bullshit to avoid issues that can be dealt with in the present. He looked at me curiously and I realized he was seeing me for the first time in my Lycan form. It’s as if the first pages, where Jessica’s back story is explained, has been accidentally edited out of the book.

With help from a divine source, they engage in an all out war—one that must end in a sacrifice. Magic, mayhem and madness explode in this third installment in the Jessica McClain series.

Finally reunited with Rourke, Jessica arrives home to find that her best friend has been kidnapped, her father has vanished, and the supernatural Sects — witches, demons, and sorcerers don’t even have the courtesy to wait until she is unpacked to attack.

And I was not disappointed. High octane urban fantasy. This Novella sets the stage for Jessica’s life; past and to come. If you do this with one book, chances are you will with others.


In the first half, there really wasn’t anything that I found problematic on this regard, some great banter among friends and some good humor flirting which I could identify with as it resembles just fun dialogue between friends.

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With superstition and wolves baying for her blood as fear ripples through the supernatural community life is not easy as she tries to learn the changes of her new life at a run. Well, except for Ray. Jan carleon, Denisa rated it liked it Shelves: She didn’t know how getting new werewolf blood into the pack worked. Other authors can write a perfectly chilling antagonist beautifully, but carkson ones in this book were more of a flop than anything else.

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And the inner monologue that Jessica has with her wolf is just awesome. There is a lot of violence towards Jessica because she is female and not a wolf. But in the ancient tunnels deep beneath its streets, a malevolent power has begun to stir. But when Mitch’s friend Sean seeks to end her life, using more than just his abilities as a wolf, Jessica realizes it may be too late to save herself.

Blooded (Jessica McClain, #) by Amanda Carlson

Full Blooded is her first novel. I would recommend to reads first the prequel novella Blooded before reading Full Blooded.

She worked as a sign language interpreter, and often dreams of Hawaii. I invest in characters, the good ones, and I like to see cwrlson come back for another round. If you love werewolves and lots of action, Amanda Carlson’s new series is sure to please. Danny is fun, a great friend and will definitely make you crack a smile.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In this the P. She always has a comeback even when she is on the road to unconsciousness or being drowned by a werewolf. Description Born the only female in an all-male werewolf race, Jessica McClain isn’t just different – she’s feared.

Jessica is the daughter of the Pack’s Alpha leader, and as such, she has to prove her worth to pack. This book ends on somewhat of a cliffy. Ow what would happen next. I was a little worried about the “only female werewolf” storyline because that’s a Kelley Armstrong trademark in my opinion but, Amanda took a completely different route than what I’d expected and really made this angle her own. Hot Blooded Jessica McClain. The Druid Drisker Arc has freed both himself and Paranor from exile.

I’m so glad I said yes!!! Return to the world of the Dresden Files with Harry Dresden the only wizard in the Chicago phone book and friends as they solve supernatural mysteries, protect the helpless, and fight evil.

Pure Blooded

Her father is fighting a losing battle against the Made wolves, and when Jessica and her crew rush to his aid, they discover the war is not as straightforward as it seems. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Full Blooded was an interesting novel, as far as plot structure and pace.