FORTRESS DRACONIS: Book One of the DragonCrown War Cycle. Michael A. Stackpole, Author. Bantam Spectra $ (p) ISBN In an age of treachery and peril, a young thief may be the prophesied savior or the betrayer of the world. Once one of the grandest of human. Fortress Draconis (DragonCrown War, book 1) by Michael A Stackpole – book cover, description, publication history.

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I’m going to have to give it another try, now that I’ve read this book and enjoyed it so much. Meanwhile on the way towards the sea our heroes encounter and save a man named Dranae who towers above even Resolute.

If I had to pick a similar author, I would Little more than 3 stars, not quite 4 stars. It did not succeed.

My opinion on this book is divided. However, I suppose that reading ‘The Dark Glory War’ would give better insight into the culture and history of the world. Chytrine has been trying to recover the crown fragments while the people of the southern kingdoms fight to protect them because if Chytrine could wield the power of the crown, none could stand before her. A stone man that stalks the north ensuring peace for the south.

You can’t say that Will and Kerrigan turned into completely different persons, since they save some of their flaws, but they definitely matured a lot. Luckily, the former outweighs the later. Alexia is a very strong character throughout and b I love the set of main characters he has set in this story. In the city of Yslin, Will the Nibble, a thief who hopes to be King of the Dimandowns and a match for master thief Azure Spider, steals a living silver leaf a fragment of the DragonCrown?

With Resolute and Crow, a human, as companions, Will eventually finds his way to a blind Vorquelf, who paints the future into the murals of her cave.

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The DragonCrown War Cycle – Wikipedia

From the town Will, Resolute, and Crow head towards a city to find boat passage to Fortress Draconis. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Will had bolted from the courtroom when the sullanciri was allowed to speak. Draconi and races get thrown at you with zero context to back them up, which is more frustrating than immersive. At first he is devastated but an elf mage suggests forterss Vorquellyn flrtress not accept him because Resolute is destined to create a new elf homeland.

I was so apathetic about it, and it’s so apathetic about itself, that I just couldn’t be bothered. Resolute and Crow, on the other hand, are fantastic characters, and were most of what drew me into the story.

Or will she be defeated by troops allied against her by Kerrigan Reese, the gallant Vilwan Adept whose magic may undermine her?

FORTRESS DRACONIS by Michael A. Stackpole | Kirkus Reviews

It would be a fogtress save for a character I shan’t name who, after appearing halfway into the book, is apparently always with the party but never mentioned outside of battles.

The Dragons decide to remain neutral because both sides had broken the etiquette rules of Dragon congress.

His fantasy elements are not your typical cookie cutter fantasy style characters dtaconis see. He is famous general, but we are said that he won his battles by luck rather than by strategy, that he always outnumbered his draocnis in battle, that he is asking about twice as much supplies as necessary and never exploits full opportunities he faces. Unfortunately, firtress lingers too long and Predator becomes aware of his presence. Dark Tide novels Onslaught and Ruin. For who better to destroy a hero than the ill-fated heroes of the previous generation, survivors of a failed war to exterminate Chytrine, now corrupted to her service?

Alyx’s army pursues the crown pieces fighting the Aurolani invaders as she does. Stackpole, New York Times bestselling author and a master of epic fantasy, comes a stirring chronicle of magic, intrigue, passion, and the most unlikely of heroes If only I could write a battle scene like he does.


With her death the Sullanciri weaken and Earlstroke of Orosia slays Ferrexigo allowing General Adrogan fortresz win the day. As well as the overall story.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. However, after Kirun’s defeat the pieces were separated and hidden.

FORTRESS DRACONIS: Book One of the DragonCrown War Cycle

Can you still listen? Published October 29th by Random House Inc first published Dec 12, Alain rated it draconie liked it Shelves: I have such a mixed opinion of this book. Unfortunately, the heroes are defeated by Chytrine with some dying and others giving up and being magically corrupted into becoming Chytrine’s new sullanciri Dark Lancers. It’s easy to read, engaging, and a good example of My opinion on this book is divided.

Luckily a force of the fortresses’ men stays behind and will continue to harass her armies until they die or the southern armies liberate them.

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Though the next two in the series aren’t as good I’ve made my point elsewhere about my views on sexual immorality and killing off of main charactersthis first one is pretty neat. Dec 19, Xeddicus rated it liked it. When he arrives he finds the new Azure Spider trapped in Kerrigan’s protective spells. They have not changed much and there is not much development of them through the story.

What makes podcasting so unique and user-friendly is that the sound files can be delivered via an RSS Really Simple Syndication feed. The rest of the heroes speculate on how the world will react to the news of Will’s death.