Forbo Marmoleum Decibel Marmoleum Decibel provides the highest reduction of impact sound by 17 dB. Marmoleum Decibel is mm thick: mm. Shop Now For Forbo Marmoleum Decibel mm Thick Sound Reduction Linoleum Flooring. Within our linoleum floors, Marmoleum Decibel provides the highest reduction of impact sound by 17 dB. Marmoleum Decibel is mm sheet floor covering with.

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The Marmoleum Decibel construction is also possible on request for other linoleum colors. Technical Specifications Document Download Centre Here you can download the Marmoleum Decibel Technical Specification Marmoleum Decibel Environmental Datasheet Forbo marmolem a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available for Marmoleum, including technical specifications and environmental datasheets.

Available in 20 colors from the Marmoleum Real collection, Marmoleum Decibel makes a beautiful green flooring choice for kitchens, rec rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, basements and offices alike. Marmoleum flooring has received many worldwide quality marks and certifications for being environmental friendly.

Forbo Flooring is a specialist in acoustic flooring. The impact sound reduction of Forbo’s acoustic project vinyl and linoleum floors varies from 14 to 19 dB. Just make sure your palette is saved and then you’re safe to leave the marmmoleum. Firefox Internet Explorer Chrome Safari.

All palettes are by default made public and viewable and made available for copy in the Community Palettes section of the site.

Not a member yet? We don’t provide the palette title or description as that may be private information, but you can see the products in a palette, duplicate a palette and share it on social media sites. How much do I need? Forbo Marmoleum floors are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to Topshield2, an innovative and durable factory finish which should not be removed.

Forbo Marmoleum Decibel | Contract Flooring

If the editor takes way too long, please let us know. Indian Summer Color Number: We’re sorry for the inconvenience. New Age Color Number: D Request sample Add to devibel Add to palette. You can drag any product from this tab to your palette.


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Topshield2 decibe staining, scuffing and scratching for lasting appearance decjbel and provides for easy cleaning and maintenance at lower intervals. Simply click on one of the links below to determine if you have an upgrade available for your browser of choice: Answer a few simple questions and we’ll get you the right type of flooring for your project. Forbo has taken its flagship product and made it thicker in order to cut down all types of noise.

Remember, the application, budget, colors and location determine the results in the “Palette Matches” toolbar tab at the bottom of your screen.

Marmoleum Decibel acoustic flooring | Forbo Flooring Systems

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You will find further information on cookies and how to deactivate them in our Cookie-Guideline as well as our Data Privacy Declaration. Why We Like It With Marmoleum Decibel you get the best looks, the best acoustical properties and the best sustainable surface ever created, all in one. If you would like to keep your palette private be sure to select the “Keep Private” option when creating a marmolfum.

This is subject to a minimum order quantity and lead time. When logged in, go to “My Palettes” and click on the trash can icon below the palette image to delete the palette.


Yes learn how to test a non-toxic product for tolerance. The perfect, all-natural, sound-reducing floor with insulation Marmoleum Decibel floor covering is a non-toxic, allergy-friendly, resilient surface that provides superior acoustical properties, unparalleled beauty and sustainability all in one.

marmoleum – decibel

Click on the “Request Samples” icon on the right side of the palette. With the click of this button you can download decibbel image of your palette to your desktop. This will give you the most room to play with all of the features provided on this site. To measure the impact sound reduction achieved by a floor covering, impact noise is generated with a hammer machine directly onto a concrete floor slab in an emission room and the sound level S1 is recorded in the reception room marmoleu.

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Forbo Marmoleum Decibel

You may then return them, within six months, and receive a refund for all returned samples. After you create an amazing palette, with the click of a button you can request a sample of all the products in your palette. Here you can change any of your palette details. All documents can be found by clicking on the following link Download Centre. We are proud that environmental experts confirm our statement. In offices, it reduces stress and aggressiveness.

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