Jesus Christ was born in AD and crucified in AD. Unbelievable? Not since the release of the first volume in seven of History Fiction. This series crowns 30 years of research by Anatoly Fomenko and his colleagues. In Chapter I readers are Mithec, – Chronology, Historical – pages. History has 67 ratings and 7 reviews. Recorded history is a finely-woven magic fabric of intricate lies about events predating the sixteenth century. The.

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Alex rated it did not like it Oct 25, He identifies Solomon as sultan Suleiman the Magnificent — For the New Chronologists, peoples such as the Ukrainians, Belarusians, Mongolsand others who assert their national independence from Russia, are suffering from a historical delusion. They maintain that differences in language, style, and scope, as well fonenko the frequently differing views and focuses of historians, which are manifested in a different notion of “important events”, make quantifying historical writings a dubious proposition at best.

This chronology was largely manufactured by Joseph Justus Scaliger in Opus Novum de emendatione temporum and Thesaurum temporumand represents a vast array of dates produced without any justification whatsoever, containing the xcience sequences of dates with shifts equal to multiples of the major cabbalistic tiction and The seven-volume is divided into14 books: Fomenko’s graphics in the Magadan Regional Museum.

The New Chronology is a pseudohistorical theory which argues that the conventional chronology of Middle Eastern and European history is fundamentally flawed, and that events attributed to the civilizations of the Roman Empire fictioh, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt actually occurred during the Middle Agesmore than a thousand years later. History Fiction or Science? Critics point out that Fomenko’s discussion of astronomical phenomena tends to ficyion selective, choosing isolated examples that support fjction New Chronology and ignoring the large bodies of data that provide statistically supported evidence for the conventional dating.

These “phantom copies” are often misdated by centuries or even millennia and end up incorporated into conventional chronology. Popular passages Page – He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied: The function of the two texts are then compared. Fomenko specifically points to a break of dendrochronological scales around AD User Review – Flag as inappropriate This series is incredible and the first volume starts out as a tour de force.


History: Fiction or Science? (Chronology 1) by A.T. Fomenko

Polk rated it it was amazing May 02, Astrophysics and Space Science vol. Dark Ages in mediaeval history. Retrieved from ” https: My library Help Advanced Book Search. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Chinese tables of comets, even if true, cannot be used for dating. The theory emerged alongside other alternate histories and conspiracy literature in the period of increased freedom of speech that followed the break-up of the Soviet Union.

There is not a single piece of evidence that can be reliably and independently traced back earlier than the eleventh century. Many Russian scientists do not accept the “New Chronology” declaring it pseudoscientific, yet no mathematical calculations on which the New Chronology is based have been proved wrong.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: Stephenson has demonstrated through a systematic study of a large number of BabylonianAncient and Medieval European, and Chinese records of eclipse observations that they can be dated consistently with conventional chronology at least as far back as BCE. The local maxima method”.

For the rest of the book is absolutely worthless. The theory provides an alternate history account of the “true” history centered around a world empire called the “Russian Horde”. Other editions – View all History: The concept is most fully explained in History: Kasparov also felt it illogical that the Romans and the Greeks living under the banner of Byzantium could fail to use the mounds of scientific knowledge left them by Ancient Greece and Rome, especially when it was of urgent military use.

The central concepts of the New Chronology are derived from the ideas of Russian scholar Nikolai Morozov —[1] although work by French scholar Jean Hardouin — can be viewed as an earlier predecessor.


The third “Rome” is constituted by three different cities: Critics have accused Fomenko of altering the data to improve the fit with his ideas and have noted that he violates a key rule of statistics by selecting matches from the historical record which support his chronology, while ignoring those which do not, creating artificial, better-than-chance correlations, and that these practices undermine Fomenko’s statistical arguments.

Overview of the seven volumes A Global Falsification of History. For example, Fomenko compares the contemporary history of Rome written by Titus Livius with a modern history of Rome written by Russian historian V.

It is surprising, to say the least, that a well-known Dutch publisher could produce an expensive book of such doubtful intellectual value, of which the only good word that can be said is that it contains an enormous amount of factual historical material, untidily ordered, true; badly written, yes; mixed-up with conjectural nonsense, sure; but still, much useful stuff.

Ausra rated it really liked it Oct 21, Another possibility is that there was an unspoken general taboo on what concerned a subject quite as dangerous, which resulted in the misdating of the Apocalypse. However, its “astronomical component” is not simply exceptionally important — it alone suffices for the dating of the book itself.

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History Fiction or Science? Chronology 1

The Mongol Empire and Ivan the Terrible”. Hence, despite the low weight he assigned them, they had a disproportionate effect on his solutions.

Fomenko states that world history prior to was deliberately falsified for political reasons. Jean Hardouin then suggested that many ancient historical documents were much younger than commonly believed to be. Be the first one to write a review. Ciction, Russia in Search of ItselfWashington: There are no reviews yet.