Read Fluentzy (Self-Study Book Set) book reviews & author details and more at Kev Nair’s English Fluency Encyclopaedia, the definitive work on fluency. If you visit the website you will be able to scroll down the Kev Nair has provided a large amount of material from each of the 20 books. Perhaps more innovative in method than Roget and more modern in approach than Fowler, Prof. Kev Nair is one of the foremost Indian scholars who wield.

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If you want to get the maximum benefit from Prof.

First, you must know English reasonably well. Essentially, this fluency-building system is meant for two broad categories of people:.

Improving fluency with Prof. Kev Nair’s 20 Book Course

This fluency-building system is based on a plain truth: Classroom instruction or speech delivery training in kdv cannot get an adult foreign learner of English to achieve true fluency in spoken English. This may, at first, sound incredible to many people, but this is the truth.


You must understand this truth completely. Click here to buy.

My Shocking Web-research Experiences Into English Fluency Related Websites

Publishes great English fluency-building classics. Option 2 E-book edition of Fluentzy books, Downloadable.

Price of the book set. Essentially, this fluency-building system is meant for two broad categories of people: You have to make them think, feel, behave or act in a new or different way, help them learn about things by giving them new information, comfort hair, cheer them, encourage them, express your approval or disapproval of what they do.

And you not only have to get things done, but also have to keep up an image And you frequently have to have serious conversations and discussions with people who are quite fluent in English, including fluent native speakers of English.

And you even have to give keg and television interviews or call press conferences. You want a skill that can make sure people listen A skill that can get you attention and respect. But when you sit at a table in a meeting or stand up to make a presentation, you keep wishing: And you feel forced to fall back on your mother-tongue.

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Or you become tongue-tied. Do you know one thing? The way you fare at a group discussion or an interview depends not on what you know And you want to present yourself to best effect everywhere. Unifying the world through fluent English Fluenyzy rights reserved worldwide.