FILE-AID TUTORIAL REFERENCE STUDY MATERIAL HELP. DB2 DB2 3 UTILITIES F FILEAID 4 FOREGROUND FI FILEAID/IMS 5 BATCH I IMS FACILITY 6. Generate the JCL required to submit a File-AID/Batch job or any other non File- AID batch utility with File-AID’s Batch Submit utility (option ). Can anyone tell me the use of REFORMAT command??? does this reformat the input file based on the given copybook?? Below is the.

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Hi, Ugility have a requirement like below Input file length – output file length – 60 copy all the records from input file column 41 to into output file How do I do this using Fileaiid Aid. You must build the entire output record. To create an OR condition, separate data strings with commas.

Selects members based on CA Panvalet status type. Fri Sep 30, 6: Condensed compare is for Character and Hexadecimal print formats. Some statements are optional, depending on function. IF selects specific records to be processed. Performs a copy function that provides greater control over the writing of output records and datasets. Specifies which field numbers in the record to print in vertical formatted mode.


Double-byte character set DBCS.

Limits the number of input records to be processed. Perform many functions of the following utilities: Mon Oct 17, 6: How can I get the date a program was compil Mainframe Tips, Tricks And Tutorials. Selects a group of members from a PDS based on a range of member names. Enables you to code actions to perform when the ktility conditional statement is false.

Enter the END command to exit.

Performing functions and using logic not available through other utilities. Reformat multiple record type files in one pass. Control card continuation must begin in column 2. A number from 0 to that does not exceed the record size.

Selection, Action, and Control Parameters Parameters are code words that control or limit processing actions. Use a hyphen – to specify the characters to retain from the original member name.

A duplication factor shortens the notation of a data string.


When the specified value exceeds the size of the dataset, the function ends. It scans the specified field for the absence of a data value. I found one more File Aid Tips. The following control statement considerations apply to this example: Syntax 2 replaces based on a condition at a location. How to jvl different file length b Replaces all occurrences of data within the area specified by start location and length.


The input audit trail fileakd must be DD Action requests consist of the following: Syntax 1 moves input record data to an output record. Alters records on a file. Initializes output areas when used with the MOVE parameter. Include the RDW during record processing, but do not display it on output.

Indicates movement or change of data. Greater than or equal to.

Chapter 15. Using File-AID/Batch

USER Performs a copy function that provides greater control over the writing of output records and datasets. Maintains PDS member statistics when updating partitioned datasets. Packed Decimal Data Accumulation Syntax: Parameters control selective processing and the number of records.

The actual data must follow one of the following data identifiers and be enclosed by single or double quotes:. The control card used are Code: Use C to specify character data, or X for hexadecimal data.