For all that time, I believed Santino Hassell aka Sonny existed. However, in early it came to light that he does not exist as his own human being. The two. In the Company of Shadows, original slash fiction by Sonny & Ais, with imperfect characters searching for their humanity in a post-war setting. In the Company of Shadows is a four-part original slash series written collaboratively by Sonny and Ais. Currently a work in progress, the.

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There is no Sonny or Santino, at least not in the way it was represented to us all. Now I don’t wanna scare people who haven’t read it yet.

Evenfall: Volume 1: Director’s Cut

I realised I didn’t want you to die. What a brave thing he is.

Jun 20, Jenni Lea added it. You can feel Boyd’s loneliness, his angst, the complete emptiness he is feeling. View all 33 comments. What he goes through in this book is heart-breaking. Book 4 – OH shittttttttt! And winter is a histo review of an earlier edition Why hate the sinner It separates the people with integrity from the deceivers. I know how vague this review is. These books suck you in.

You can download this wonder HERE.

Mar 04, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: The end of the book was view spoiler [open hide spoiler ] and I am soooo hoping for book 5 The series can easily go on for another pages!!


So I think that them being apart is for the best, for now. Because Eveenfall wanted to find you, because I wanted to remember you. This book has it ALL!!

FREEFIC WEEK – SERIES REVIEW: In the Company of Shadows by Ais & Santino | “Boys in Our Books”

evenall You judge him but you also have your own agenda for him!! This is a beginning and even so, I’m calling this book a “master piece”. Jul 09, Deborah rated it it was amazing. But how can these to utterly broken men,each in their own way,can ever be partners?

In Afterimagewe are transported sohny to the 20 something time of life when the world is yours to experience and every experience is new. It was just heartbreaking… Also to learn what Boyd had endured during his last mission sonnh valentine.

When they got to the Agency and parked in the garage, Boyd hesitated when he got out of the van. At that point, we control our own characters, writing narration and dialogue for them, and share the narration for general scenes.

Dec 01, Deborah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Book 2 – OMG I can’t believe it And now the ones who keep breathing are simply trying to survive and deal with the situation the best they can.

I love you, I swear I do but damn I’m green with envy! Wonny it is flawlessly executed. It will likely be years so around before DC Afterimage is done so you might want to just go on to the original after DC Evenfall. Hell, the shit hits the fan almost immediately!


The writing isn’t the most colourful I’ve seen, but it was well crafted and very skilfully painted the story inside my head, managing to provoke extremely visceral reactions from me and set my heart alight among other things.

He lived through a very brutal and violent attack by a street gang a few years ago. View all 55 comments. View all 21 comments. Of course, it’s not an easy ride.

Review: “Evenfall” (In the Company of Shadows, #1) by Sonny & Ais – ⚣ MM Does MM ⚣

Anyway, back to Sin and Boyd. After September 21,the old edition will wis longer be available for download. View all 31 comments. I love you like a brother but Im so jealous of you!!!

View all 69 comments. I’ve fallen rvenfall love with this series and nothing could keep me from carrying on through to the bitter end.

I could also have my pants undone for easy access castration.