Etherlords – Manual. Game Title, Etherlords. Document Type, Manual. Platform, PC (DOS/Windows). Author, Paul (stats). Filesize, MB. Date. Downloads. offers the manual for download; but it’s format, unfortunately. Etherlords II Strategy Guide, Part 1 From the people who know this unusual mix of RPG and card-based tactical combat best, its developers at.

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Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. Strategy – Turn-based – Fantasy. On behalf of the Stardock staff we wish you a happy holiday season and look forward to the new year!

Let the game stand entirely on its own merits.

etherlords: where is the manual?? » Forum Post by radiobabylon

Hand-picking the best in gaming. Stardock Central installed it for me.

In a little while, we meet an arrogant Shaman Orc 5 who doesn’t recognize us as one of its own and tries to hurt us. This time, the team has implemented a complex, twisting tale encompassing five campaigns and complete with NPCs, side quests and multiple perspectives depending on the race you’re playing.

Each of the game’s four races has a starting deck, to which more powerful cards can be added over time. Stardock Closed for the Holidays.

Known issues and how to fix them. The Ether is eternal, the Ether is all-powerful, and now it will be under your command. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. Lots of Rats means lots of damage – a simple but efficient principle.


The initial title garnered extensive praise, with a substantial portion directed at its turn-based tactical combat system in which a hero character explores a strategic map, unaccompanied by troops or minions, but with a pack of cards that can be used to summon creatures and cast spells. Four magic races, each with its own distinctive realms, spells and combat style. These guys have serious intentions, though to test the water, they only send against us a Mech Worm at first 2a.

We see a couple of Kinets at some distance and decide to teach them a lesson.

Keep this in mind while writing your review:. Now, we run to get more juice from the muffin battery 10which makes us feel like Zeus the Thunderer. Congratulations, you are on the next level! They are born with this ability — using invisible currents of energy flows, they create armor, weapons and servants Having absorbed the energy, we drop the 3rd level Aviak with 16 HP 11 and get a decent amount of experience and a useful spell as our reward.

And here comes the hardest bit – a battle with the Ghost Warrior 6. Ether is the thread from which they weave their world. In library In cart Soon Wishlisted.

Etherlords on

The same goes for Etherlords 2. Keep this in mind while writing your review:. There is a manual for Etherlords The reward is an artefact blank anda new Revive specialization, which we select.

Not sure what to write? No activation or online connection required to play.

The idea here is simple; we postpone the time when the enemy Aviak comes on us for as long as possible using Lesser Unsummoning and Enfeeblement. Sign in Sign in Erherlords account Sign in. Delivering user-friendly support enriched with additional customer benefits.


The easiest way to fight this enemy is to ignore his creatures, and use all our Zaps to hit the enemy hero directly.

Etherlords II Strategy Guide, Part 1

After getting new spells, we go into the teleport. Firstly, I don’t own this game neither is my style of game. Remove Move to wishlist Eterlords Owned. Please be advised that Windows 10 operating system will receive frequent hardware driver and software updates following its release; this may affect game compatibility.

Now ethelrords the next mission; in this case it’s going to be the one with the Chaot altar. Owned Buy eetherlords Pre-order now. Then we chat with the mayor 15get two Rifts, Blasts and Disintegrates from him and happily move on. For the intelligent dwellers of this world, ether is a source of power and pure energy, sometimes referred to as magic. You fought for dominance over this precious and powerful resource and claimed it for your own.

Having absorbed the Synthet power, we can boldly go back into the teleport and round out this chapter in our life – get into the last teleport on the same old clearing 3a