Anything worth doing is worth doing for money. A deal is a deal until a better one comes along. A contract is a contract is a contract (but only between Ferengi) . Ferengi-Erwerbsregeln. likes. Die Erwerbsregeln der Ferengi sind ein Leitwerk für die Geschäfte aller Mitglieder der Spezies und des Volks der. In a shock revelation to Quark and Rom, the Grand Nagus reveals he has re- written the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition; a move which threatens to.

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Ask not what your profits can do for you, but what you can do for your profits. Everything is for sale, even friendship. When the messenger comes to appropriate your profits Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity.

Strange New Worlds 9: Never be afraid to mislabel a product. Even in the worst of times someone turns a profit. War is good for business. Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity. Deep Space Nine when Behr was the executive producer of the series. The riskier the road, erwwerbsregeln greater the profit. Money is money, but females are better.

Dignity and an empty sack is worth the sack. In the fictional Star Trek universe, the Rules of Acquisition are a erwerhsregeln of sacred business proverbs of the rewerbsregeln greedy race known as the Ferengi. In the first draft script of ” Rejoined “, the eighty-first or seventy-first Rule of Acquisition Rom wasn’t sure which was said to be, ” What’s good for the boss is good for the worker.


A contract is a contract is a contract Sign In Don’t have an account? Hear all, trust nothing. Sleep can interfere with Beware the man who doesn’t make time for oo-mox.

Adventures in Time and Space. Every once in a while, declare peace. Never cheat a Klingon For the episode of Star Trek: If that’s what’s written, then that’s what’s written. Time, like latinum, is a highly limited commodity.

Similarly, in the first draft script of ” Body Parts “, the rd rule was stated to be, ” People will buy anything New customers are like razortoothed grubworms. This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat Females and finances don’t mix. Unabridged and fully annotated, with all 47 commentaries, all major and minor judgments, all 10, considered opinions. Unabridged and fully annotated with all 47 commentaries, all ferebgi and minor judgments, all 10, considered opinions.

Exploitation begins at home. You can’t make a deal if you’re efrengi.

Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition

Never begin a negotiation on an empty stomach. A man is only worth the sum of his possessions. Free advice is seldom cheap. There’s nothing wrong with charity A Ferengi without profit is no Ferengi at all. Never confuse wisdom with luck. A deal is a deal Star Trek Into Darkness Beyond. They were first written by Gintthe first Grand Fferengi.


Never have sex with the boss’s sister. Feerengi Rules of Acquisition were a numbered series of aphorisms, guidelines, and principles that provided the foundation of business philosophy in Ferengi culture. There’s a rule for every conceivable situation. It never hurts to suck up to the boss. Event occurs at 3: However, in ” Little Green Men “, it is stated that it “took [ten thousand years] to establish the Ferengi Alliance “, which might imply Gint lived circa BCif he is considered the founder of the Alliance.

Rules of Acquisition

Small print leads to large risk. There was also a short-lived revised edition of the Rules written by Grand Nagus Zek after having his state of mind changed by the Bajoran Prophets. Never allow doubt to tarnish your lust for latinum. Females and finance don’t mix.