eau et gaz carbonique, celui-ci étant utilisé par les microorganismes pour rétablir le pH et maintenir l’équilibre calco-carbonique des bains. Nouveau mode de représentation graphique de l’équilibre calco-carbonique Application au traitement des eaux. An article from journal Revue des sciences de. augmentent au cours de la filtration, ce qui limite le risque de corrosion et permet d’amener l’eau à l’équilibre calco-carbonique.

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During the display of the curve of balance the mouse cursor allows to know the characteristics of any point of the graph and an adjustable magnifying glass allows to cxrbonique details. Dictionary and thread title search: Use signifies your agreement.

Anything that does not serve this purpose will get deleted. LPLWin logiciel calco-carbonique Software for resolution of the calco-carbonic equilibrium The LPLWin software allows to characterize waters face to face of the calco-carbonic balance, so allowing to predict and to correct the problems of scaling, aggressiveness and corrosion of materials in contact of the water. Calcium-carbon balance How hard can it be? Site Map Advertise Calfo View.

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équilibre calco-carbonique des bains

The variable may also be considered as practically constant in the field of natural waters. In particular, the graph equilinre such essential water characteristics as equilibrium pH, stabilisation pH and stabilisation qeuilibre, characteristics whose meanings are defined in the paper. The graph turns out to be a useful tool for the characterisation of waters as well as for the evaluation of different chemical treatments, such as softening, carbonation, decarbonation, acidification, alkalinisation, aeration, etc.

LPLWin will bring you a considerable saving of time by feigning the essay in the marble and by calculating you all the indications saturatio, Langelier, Larson, aggressive CO2.

A computing program is necessary to draw the curves, to obtain the water characteristics with a better accuracy than can be read from the graphs. Thanks so much Jann. In every stage and on the analysis of origin, the program posts and allows the impression of 2 curves of equilibrium simultaneously and slips of analysis. The graphical method here described, in conjunction with an associated computer programme, also constitutes an excellent introduction to the more complete computing methods developed elsewhere but which could not be treated in the limited frame of this publication.

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The LPLWin software allows to characterize waters face to face of the calco-carbonic balance, so allowing to predict and to correct the problems of scaling, aggressiveness and corrosion of materials in contact of the water. If a message involves judgment of a peer, criticism or defence of that peers competence, judgmental remarks, that message will be deleted.

This relationship, with the introduction of an auxiliary variable:. Mail comments and suggestions to TranslatorsCafe. No, create an account now. George Leonard Trail Mother tongue: Numerous examples for using the graph under different circumstances are developed. No duplicate answers are permitted. In this paper we have restricted ourselves to the graphical aspect of the question, referring the reader to the original bibliography at the end of the paper and as well we have not taken into account the kinetic aspects of the reactions involving the dissolution or precipitation of CaCO3.

Share This Page Tweet. Previous Thread Next Thread. Terms and Conditions of Use. Do you already have an account? If you want to be accurate, I’d opt for “carbonate buffering” with or without the word “calcium”. If you want to be accessible to those who don’t know what carbpnique is, I would avoid the ambiguity and go for “carbonate balance” without “calcium.

I found some examples. Numerous examples for using the graph under different circumstances are developed in the paper, which should be useful for those whose job is connected with industrial water treatment. All non-linguistic content will be removed.

To be sure, is “calcium carbonate balance” OK? We would talk about the carbonate balance, or better yet, “carbonate buffering. Already in the cart. If the tank is extremely large, you might talk about a basin such as “aeration basins”.


[Track of purification and calco-equilibrium (case of Zemamra Sugar Refinery)]. [French]

Name Language Document Type notd. Calcium and carbonate often occur together in solution, but we’re not talking about a balance between calcium and carbonate. This new version 5, adds new reactives and new treatments as well as the compensation of the error on the TA. Only discussions that contribute to finding solutions and do not aggravate are permitted.

I think I’ve understood that the audience for this document is non-technical? I am unsure of “tank” here. The paper shows how it is possible, on the basis of the diagram, to predict the evolution of the water when different reagents are added, when the temperature changes or when one mixes different waters.

We have taken advantage of this property to build up two networks of curves that make up the overall graph, i. Revue des sciences de l’eau15 2— This site carboniquw not work properly because equioibre browser does not support JavaScript! The bottom of the graph can be coloured according to the pH or the saturatio. He specifies the quantities of necessary products for any correction of a parameter, such as the pH, the calco-carbonic balance, the TA, the putting in the balance with the atmosphere, the remineralization If you see a lot of google occurrences, they’re related to balancing equations, or to a specific biological system The construction of such a graph requires only two fundamental laws, equilibree.

The case of the mixture of different waters is also treated. This was my guess but only gets 5 hits on Google so I’m not sure. This is a process for on-site nuclear waste treatment but it is a promotional, not a technical document. OK, I’ll go with “carbonate buffering.