Print Email. Eona. Genre: Middle Grade. EonaThe Last Dragoneye Now she is Eona, the Mirror Dragoneye, her country’s savior — but she has an even. The Two Pearls of Wisdom is a fantasy novel by Alison Goodman. It follows the story of Eon who has potential to become a Dragoneye, being pp (first edition). ISBN · Followed by, Eona The Last Dragoneye. Eon has been revealed as Eona, the first female Dragoneye in to reach the devastating revelation that precedes the novel’s final climactic act.

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Together the Mirror Dragon and Dragoneye force compassion upon Ido and the trio make their escape to the river. Of course, everything is messy. First of all, the consistent amount of information about the world-building that I had to take in for this story, had already been digested: However, Eon is actually a female concealed as a boy and with females forbidden she becomes a dangerous gamble.

Then let’s give it a try. Add all the trust and power issues — it was kind of painful, partly in a good way, but mostly in a frustrating way.

How hard can it be to wrestle a stupid cursed book from a year old boy?

Eona: The Last Dragoneye – Alison Goodman – böcker () | Adlibris Bokhandel

Jan 25, Wendy Darling rated it it was amazing Shelves: Maybe because they main character’s name changed? It follows the story of Eon who has potential to become a Dragoneye, being able to control wind, water and land.

From looking at the reviews my friends have written for this, ranging from lists to quick short sentences, it’s evident that it seems to be a universal malady. I know if I went back and re-read this now, I would feel much differently about it. Archived from the original PDF on 2 April This throws Eona into the midst of their struggle for power. I was so hopeful and the beginning was such a tease. And most importantly, as a Dragoneye, and furthermore, a Dragoneye with powers no other Dragoneye has had for years, if ever.


However, Eon has a dark secret unbeknownst to all but himself and his master; he is actually Eona, a sixteen-year-old girl who has been living a lie in order for the chance to become a Dragoneye.

Eona: The Last Dragoneye by Alison Goodman – FictionDB

And then, after he dies, she realised that she really did actually love Ido a bit. I felt that the romance was mostly unnecessary, or so poorly developed that it should have been left out.

Eonaunlike its predecessor, has no info-dumping. I would recommend giving the books a try despite my disappointment in this second volume, they are excellently written and the cast of characters is definitely unique in the fantasy genre. View all 8 comments. Both men, Lord Ido, and the Emperor Kygo, are such complex and flawed characters.

I didn’t like how it happened, but I guess it was necessary. I have just one last complaint. As the warfare escalates and all seems to be lost in this final confrontation, Dragomeye screams out that the dragon’s name is her name; Eona.

Instead of that slow burn the first book had that took a while to build up into the climax, this jumps right away into the good stuff. They believe in her, otherwise they wouldn’t be on her side, and yet they’re upset because she has the power to compel them? And her trust issues! It’s a mess and a half. The ending left me shocked and breathless, sad but with a smile on my face.

The prince should be a little dragoney politically capable. This carefully-constructed world built on power of different kinds – that of the imperial family and that of the Dragoneyes. I hate that I loved this book so much, to be honest. The more interesting secondary characters like Ryko, Dela, Tozay, Chart and his mother faded into the background. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely doable especially with fingernails. That is the nature of the beast. Eona is smart but the seduction of ultimate power occasionally leads her to make the wrong decisions, she is afterall only a flawed human being – as we all are.

Read it only if you’ve already read Eon and anxious to see how it ends.


Overall, 3 solid stars with a soft cinnamon sadness of a remembered bond. There was so much adventure, and absolutely no court intrigue in this one.

Eona: The Last Dragoneye

Okay, here we go. Jan 04, Janina rated it liked it Shelves: Do not dress your atrocities in the garb of eeona gods. I kept reading with the hope that it would get better… but it never did and the result was me struggling through a nearly page book for months.

Not only is she given the unlucky number of death, 4, but she has to face off with the tue out of the two trainers who bears a grudge against her.

As seen on The Readventurer If you liked Eon: There was always a new force to deal with, but it was important to the story. Ido was one great whopping surprise in this book, it’s only a really good writer that can take you from seething hatred towards a character rhe pity to almost-kinda-liking him. See all 13 questions about Eona….

They believe his disability embodies bad luck and try to distance themselves, all except a boy named Dillon who is also bullied for his small size.

Maybe a lot of us would like to be heroes in a perfect world but this is far from a perfect world and we all have our limits, our breaking points, and most of us can be seduced at times by a dark alternative to the straight and narrow path. I hope Alison Goodman is planning to keep on writing fantasy so detailed, well plotted and original because if so, I am going to buy each and every of her books. It is one of those cases where you just know it’ll end badly, and it made me think even less of the heroine.

It chooses Eona, who becomes a Lord due to the absence of a current Mirror Dragoneye.