Pius XI. und der Nationalsozialismus: die Enzyklika Mit brennender Sorge vom März (Beiträge zur Katholizismusforschung) (German Edition). Enzyklika “Mit brennender Sorge” (Mainz, ), and elsewhere. 8 A. Martini, “Il Card. Faulhaber e l’enciclica di Pio XI contro il nazismo,”. Civilt? Cattolica, CXV. File:Mit brennender Sorge Speyer From Wikimedia Deutsch: Pius XI., Enzyklika Mit brennender Sorge, Date, , own Scan.

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He who sings hymns of loyalty to this terrestrial country should not, for that reason, become unfaithful to God and His Church, or a deserter and traitor to His heavenly country.

It is bernnender evidence of things that appear not” Heb. Kerrl to AA, 15 Marchibid. In point of fact, over Catholics chose to be loyal to the regime and turned their backs to the Church inno longer wishing to belong to an organisation that was deemed an enemy of the state.

File:Pius XI In brennender Sorge Umschlag.jpg

Gfoellner asked all Catholic parents to keep their children away from any organisation which sympathised with the ideology condemned by the Pope.

Laws and measures which in school questions fail to respect this freedom of the parents go against natural law, and eznyklika immoral.

Byzantine Empire East—West Schism. In his history of the resistance to Hitler, Anton Gill noted that, following the encyclical, “Hitler was beside himself with brennnender. While the eternal city was being decked out in swastika flags — with Pius XI and his Cardinal Secretary of State Pacelli ostentatiously relocating to Castel Gandolfo6 — French and Dutch newspapers published 1.

There was a striking and deliberate emphasis on the permanent validity of the Jewish scriptures, and the Pope denounced the ‘idolatrous cult’ which replaced belief in the true God with a ‘national religion’ and the ‘myth of race and blood’. Ian Kershaw wrote that during the Nazi period, the churches “engaged in a bitter war of attrition with the regime, receiving the demonstrative backing of millions of churchgoers.


Whereas the reading of the encyclical was widely felt in German Catholicism to be a liberation, state officials and the Party reacted with anger and disapproval. Half of these reprehensible theses were incorporated in the Mit brennender Sorge encyclical.

Following the issuing of the document, The Catholic Herald reported that it was a “great Encyclical in fact contains a summary of what most needs preserving as the basis for a Christian civilisation and a compendium of the most dangerous elements in Nazi doctrine and practice. What drew him towards this field of research?

Mit brennender Sorge – Wikipedia

According to historian Pinchas Lapidethe Nazis saw the treaty as giving them moral legitimacy and prestige, whilst the Catholic Church sought to protect itself from persecution through a signed agreement.

Proceedings against enemies of the State were to be, in his opinion, far harsher5. We visualize the immense multitudes of Our faithful children, Our sons and daughters, for whom the sufferings of the Church in Germany and their own have left intact their devotion to the cause of God, their tender love for the Father of Christendom, their obedience to their pastors, their joyous resolution to remain ever faithful, happen what may, to the sacred inheritance of their ancestors.

And today we again repeat with all the insistency We can command: At a time when your faith, like gold, is being tested in the fire of tribulation and persecution, when your religious freedom is beset on all sides, when the lack of religious teaching and of normal defense is heavily weighing on you, you have every right to words of truth and spiritual comfort from him whose first predecessor heard these words from the Lord: Europa und Lateinamerika im enzykli,a Following earlier affronts to Bishop Berning7, Rust had written to him in mid-January confirming that negotiations regarding Article 24, Paragraph 2 of the Brennender Concordat8 could only be resumed when there would be no doubt that their outcome would be ezyklika by the 1.


Religious violence brennehder Nigeria. It is understood that the Vatican will reply to the note of complaint presented to it by the German Government in regard to the Encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge. Against this background to the encyclical, Faulhaber suggested in an internal Church memorandum that the bishops should inform the Nazi regime. Before the first expert opinions from the Jesuits were presented, a second exchange of views took place between Pacelli and Zollschan.

The printers that had reproduced the text at the behest of the bishops 1.

File:Mit brennender Sorge Speyer JS.jpg

Thousands of voices ring into your ears a Gospel which has not been revealed by the Father of Heaven. Christianity portal Vatican portal.

Paul Gentizon was a highly respected journalist from Switzerland. Inhe moved to Karlsbad in Bohemia, where he established a private medical practice and completed his studies in radiology. The NS biology rejected this book, cf.

Mit brennender Sorge –

And to this enxyklika, I have still received no response to my 1. Moderation and prudence are advocated by them. Our gratitude, warmer still and admiring, goes out to those who, in fulfillment of their duty, have been deemed worthy of sacrifice and suffering for the love of God. The new insights resulting from the facts hereby presented may be summarised as follows.

Higher and more general values, which collectivity alone can provide, also sorgs from the Creator for the good of man, and for the full development, natural and supernatural, and the realization of his perfection. Octogesima adveniens Populorum progressio.