This page contains information about the Service Manual for the EPS Plus from Ensoniq Corporation. Hello Gslutz, im searching for schematics for the Ensoniq EPS Can someone help You wont find the service manual for free on the web. 21 EPS—16 PLUS Service Manual Table of Contents — 1 Table of Contents . For more information about the Poly-Key Keyboard assembly, see ENSONIQ.

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Clip the four wire ties that hold the Main board Power Cable 9-pin to the main harness. If you can’t isolate a problem that seems related to the display, the display can be forced into Self-test mode using the following procedure. Check the voltages on the power supply at J4 with the power supply loaded main board and display board connected. Instead, the display will read: Recording Midi Tracks We do not have schematics available, except for the Mirage.

The following pages include troubleshooting flow charts: Remove the eight 8 15mm nuts from the rear panel jacks marked Solo Outputs 1 to 8. If the communications problem persists, you know the Keyboard assembly is not at fault If communication is restarted, however, the Keyboard assembly is at fault.

Reconnect the three wires to the Filter, again noting the proper polarity. Improper connections to these signals could easily damage the EPS or any external device connected. Do not use a self-tapping screw in a brass insert as this will ruin the insert. If this occurs, simply reduce the output volume, using the front panel Volume slider, until the distortion stops.

Use the Communication Test Board to check the keyboard. This modification applies only to main boards. Raise the control panel and disconnect the Keyboard Ribbon cable J7 from the Main Board, paying particular attention to the polarity. Eps Plus Rack Only Section To aid in breaking away this portion, score the break with a razor knife.



You cannot copy the O. Once the disk has been loaded, the display will read: When replacing any of the self-tapping screws, it is possible to over-tighten the screws and strip a hole in the case, making it necessary to replace the case or control panel. Just click ON the thumbnails. Power Supply Measurements The following changes were included in O. Note that the OEX-6 outputs are not designed to drive headphones direcdy and should be plugged into a suitable line-level pre-amp such as a mixing board.

Remove the lid see Section A. Go to Step 9 to start the Burn-in Test cycle. Install the four 4 self-tapping screws on the top of the unit closest to the control panel. To reassemble, first make sure that the underlay and all the buttons are in place and that the lens is clean and in its proper position.

Ensoniq Corporation – EPS Plus – Service Manual

This will let you navigate to any page without waiting for the entire file to download. See Rack Hardware Notes item 4 on p. The ‘Disk Test Counter” is used to automatically monitor test disk usage and to indicate when a test disk becomes unreliable.

Verify that no pressure effect occurs. Secure the D-type connector to the bottom housing by tightening the two threaded mounting studs on the connector until they are snug. To keep this from happening, follow these procedures: Make sure the Disk Drive ribbon cable is not caught under the Keyboard standoffs.

All Notes Off The board has all of the connectors except the disk drive connector, J2 in a different place from the board. Remove the Disk Drive see Section H and check the datecode on the label on the top side of the drive. We just wanted kanual let you know that we have switched to a higher retention force rps on our transformers.


Reinsert the test disk and then press Load. Due to the complexity of the modules involved, it is often difficult to determine which module is at fault when a epa problem occurs. If no problem is found, check the voltages on the power supply at J3.

Create a short sequence by pressing Record and Play at the same time Use the sustain right pedal to verify that sustain works, then stop the sequencer using the sequencer left pedal Press Cancel-No If one or both of the footswitches do not operate properly, make servicce that the footswitches are set to the proper mode as outlined on page 50 of the EPS Musician’s Manual The above test assumes that the left pedal is set for sequencer control and the right pedal is set for sustain this is the default.

Twenty notes will play in succession with the last note dropping an octave.

Ensoniq EPS 16+ Service Manual

If the unit comes in with a blank display, but is in Self-test mode i. Connect the Keyboard Ribbon cable to the Main Board. Insert the board fingers into the main board connector. Press the board down and into place. We usually find this problem is caused by a defective keyboard.

This has been fixed. Replacing The Rack Disk Drive With the power off, face the front of the unit, then: The disk drive is the same for both units.

Eps Plus Keyboard And Rack