In The Encyclopedia Britannica. 11th ed. 29 vols. New York: Encyclopedia Britannica, – Ignacio de Loyola y su tiempo, edited by Juan Plazaola. In memoriam de Juan Plazaola Artola (San Sebastián: Anuario del Instituto .. Historia de la Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao: La Gran Enciclopedia Vasca, ). 2 Cf. Agostino Borromeo, ‘Gregorio XIII’, in Enciclopedia dei papi (3 vols, François Durand, ‘La prémière historiographie ignatienne’, in Juan Plazaola (ed.) .

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Segundo Ensanche (Pamplona)

It is necessary to point out again Batllori, the author of a biography of Ignasi Casanovas — 54 and similarities to other Jesuits Mir, Ehrle, Guillem Vives [—], 55 and Leturia. The suppressions of, and explain the cultural underdevelopment of the Spanish Jesuits. This gave them a broad-minded approach to their work, which was not limited exclusively to Jesuit history.

Among the historians who were hostile to Ignatius and his work were the orator Emilio Castelar —99 and the ex-Jesuit Miguel Mir — Summer course in Orihuela with ten lectures.

Complementing this volume is the one dedicated to educational activity.

Delia Garcés

Abad, Vida y escritos del V. He was a man of brilliant conversation, with an open spirit always ready to help novice historians. Areas of charcoal production and metallurgic centres at the end of the C.

plazola But it is also an edifying one, to teach and delight the communities during their meals. Bibliography plazaaola Medina on pp. Labor, ; republished in and In his Memorias, he tells us the details of the vicissitudes of the historian until his first volume came out: Solo y a pie Salamanca: Beginning inthey considered moving it to Rome, but that did not happen until the s.


Sanit Clair, Dios y Belial en un mismo altar: Leturia served as a bridge between the two generations.

Segundo Ensanche (Pamplona) – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

In a letter to Astrain, we find the historiographical norms that guided Jesuit historians of that first generation. Marcial Pons Historia, Universidad de Valladolid, Many were professors who mixed their fnciclopedia work with their historiographical work in accordance with scientific methodology.

Below I offer the essential characteristics of the historiography of these periods and the most relevant works and authors, distinguishing between the themes of the old Society and the new, restored one.

Their intellectual maturity occurred in the middle of the Francisco Franco years — Manuel Pacheco Albalate, El Puerto: The assessment of Spanish Jesuit historiography is generally satisfactory.

Ina borehole was carried out in Salinas de Pamplona, which reached 9 metre layers of carnallite at 78m. The lengthy mining history of Navarre has created, particularly in the northern area, a real mining culture. Ricardo Cappa, 3 vols. Cervantes Virtual in Spanish. Historiographical Maturity Third Period: In all true portraits there is light and shadow, praiseworthy things and imperfections that must be noted, since in this world nothing is perfect and complete.

Vida e influjo Madrid: Universidad Comillas, Sal Terrae, Mensajero, The long gone Plazaola railway, which from linked Pamplona with San Sebastian, had its origin in a small mining train that linked the old Plazaola mines, located in Berastegi, on the border between Gipuzkoa and Navarre. Two years later the Beriain shaft facilities had been completed, together with the Esparza de Galar double inclined access ramp or decline.

Pedro de Ribadeneira Madrid: Plaza Larre in Beriain — Galar.

Plurality and Specialization Jesuit historiography from the s presents a few novelties: Luengo, Diario de y Groups of specialists have been organized in some institutions, but in general, there is little connection among the Spanish historians themselves, or with foreign historians. The same can be said of the anniversaries of the College of Valencia and of the Seminary of Comillas.


Luis de la Puente Comillas: He was a historian of all the periods of Spanish culture and as a consequence, all the centuries of the Society. Historians of the Society continued to pkazaola Jesuits, but their profile showed some differences from the previous generation.

The mining of both substances increased employment and considerably increased the value of mining production.

Delia Garcés – Wikipedia

Miguel Batllori, La cultura hispano-italiana de los jesuitas expulsos: The most prominent were specialists who had studied pkazaola in universities, sometimes abroad.

Retrieved 17 June At the international congress celebrated in Madrid Plazakla 20—22,specialists from fifty-four universities in fifteen countries attended. In July ofa ministerial order was published in relation to the potassic area of Navarre and its exploitation began for the National Institute of Industry, INI, which, through the National Company. He had at his disposition copyists, scribes, and archivists.

They plazaila have to wait until the last quarter of the nineteenth century to reorganize the historiography of the order at a scientific level. Geschichte der antiken Texte: Ruins of the Betelu foundry Foto de A. First open pit mine. He was convinced that history was a most efficacious medium for learning about the Society and taking on its spirit.