Methods. Eleutherine palmifolia bulb was extracted with ethanol. The extract was evaluated for their phytochemical constituent’s and their antimicrobial activity. Methods Eleutherine palmifolia bulb was extracted with ethanol. The extract was evaluated for their phytochemical constituent’s and their antimicrobial activity. Abstract. Dayak onions (Eleutherine Palmifolia (L.) Merr.) bulb stem contains phtyochemical contents, which act as antidiabetic compounds.

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Based on the antibacterial activity tests, the ethyl acetate extract of Dayak onion gave significant effect elsutherine inhibiting most bacteria tested. Dayak onion potential as a medicinal plant very large multi-function needs to be increased its use as an ingredient of modern medicine.

This result suggested that ethyl acetate extract was more effective in inhibiting the growth of P.

Bawang Dayak Eleutherine Palmifolia 100g

This explanation was in accordance with the statement of Kanazawa et al. The antibacterial effectiveness was then calculated using antibiotic cefadroxil as a positive control. Grass single to cure dysentery. Recently, Couto et al. Flavonoid is the largest group of phenol compounds that effectively inhibit the growth of palmmifolia, bacteria, and fungi. Indonesian Dental Student Journal. Maternal readiness will affect labor especially in primigravida. Merr in inhibiting of Salmonella typhi.


Test bacteria Extract Extract conc.

Extraction of Antibacterial Compound The fresh bulb of onion was sliced and dried to reduce water content. Sample Preparation The sample was prepared following Galingging Antimicrobial activity of Dayak onion has also been reported. This plant prefers open places with humus-rich soil and pslmifolia enough. This plant has many varieties with diverse shapes and types such as onion, garlic and a variety of other types of onions.

The R f values were 0. Specific features of this plant are bright red root crops with a very smooth surface. The pa,mifolia of the plant was identified and authenticated by Dr. Antioxidant capacity of bawang Dayak Eleutherine palmifolia in fresh, simplisia and chips from on nonpolar, semipolar and polar solvents.

Primigravida Readiness in Facing Childbirth | Rianti | Health Notions

Also beneficial to overcome interference childbirth, clean uterus, vagina tighten, tighten your stomach and reduce the fat and so on. If mixed with sadaguri and kencur, this Dayak onion nutrition can treat intestinal inflammation, heartburn, constipation, hepatitis and liver.

This is due to the differences in the structure of bacterial cell wall. The qualitative palmifoliaa analysis was done to identify chemical components in each extract.

On the contrary, MRSA bacteria showed significant differences with other bacteria. Table 3 Antibacterial effectiveness of the extract with the highest inhibition activity towards tested bacteria. This plant has rooted red color with ribbon-shaped green leaves eoeutherine white flowers. The leaves are of two kinds, namely the perfect tape-shaped with pointy end of it, while others shaped leaves resemble sticks. Steroids can interact with phospholipid cell membranes that are permeable to lipophilic compounds that decrease membrane integrity as well as the morphology of cell membranes.


Based on the eleurherine tests, ethanol extract positively indicated the presence of flavonoid, triterpenoid, and tannin.

Ethanolic extract formulation of bawang tiwai Eleutherine americana in antiacne cream. Increasing concentrations would result in the higher composition of bioactive compounds in the extract, so the ability to inhibit bacterial growth was also getting stronger. Effectiveness extract of bawang Dayak Eleutherine palmifolia L.

International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents. The antibacterial effectiveness of extract plmifolia the antibiotic was calculated by the equation Orho et al. The study sample was primigravida, which was examined pregnancy at Jagakarsa public health center, South Jakarta.

It was observed that spots 3 and 4 have larger inhibition zone than spots 1 and 2. The chemical compounds contained in each extract most likely would act as antibacterial with a different mechanism.