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The first category con-sists of systems that make it impossible tostart the engine or drive away withoutknowing the correct code.

Febrerl to download files? Programming Manual Elektor Proton proton The 8-bitport described in this article provides eight buffered outputs, eight inputs atTTL level, and communicates with the PC via the popular I2C interface. GraceThis circuit was developed to turn on power supplies insequence, and then turn them off again in the reversesequence.

This means that even with a supply voltage of only 5 V, youcan make measurements with up to 60 V on the tebrero The CD input has some additional facili-ties. The input signal is applied tothe differentiating circuit R1-C1. The necessary signals from the pin connec-tor are passed through to a pin connector whose pinassignments match those of the extension card.

Thetransmission used by this card is 8 data bits, 1 stop bit andno parity. In this role, he supports global clients in develop-ing smartcard operating systems.

The circuit can be powered bya 5 V to 9 V battery. The circuit has been testedusing ten metres of inexpensive plastic fibre-optic cablebetween the receiver and the transmitter which is describedelsewhere in this issue. The former is a bus-driverthat contains eight inverting buffers oper-ating at TTL level.

Ifthe value of RL is febrfro k, the resulting voltage is exactly thesame as Vshunt. A bipolarmotor has two windings, and thus four leads.


Elektor Us 200007

Toallow the extension to be used with the new sound card aswell, we have developed an adapter card that makes the con-nections easy. Simply because red light con-tains less energy than any other form of visi-ble light and, in terms of energy content, is atthe bottom rung.

In practice, an increasing number of reader systems are being designed that dont meet the first two requirements. WalravenIn a switch-mode power supply, the quality of the output volt-age depends strongly on the quality of the electrolytic capac-itors that are used. Writing and reading of card data always takes place through the byte Eektor first-in-first-out buffer.

copyright Elektor. copyright Elektor. 2 2 2 – [PDF Document]

Counter outputsQ5 to Q8 are used to reset the latches in the reverse order, i. During commissioning of these types of plant, it is usefulto simulate the sensor signal to ensure amongst other things,that the sensor signal gets back to the correct terminals on thecontrol system as they invariably pass through various junc-tion boxes on the way.

Published on Dec View Download 3. If we keep the sum of R1 and R2between 10 k and 20 k, we willthus always be on the safe side, andwe need not be worried about over-loading the signal source.

elfktor The current consumption of this circuit is very low around1 mAthanks to the use of CMOS components. As an extra feature, 201 I2Sinputs can also be connected through to the ten-pin connec-tor K3, but it appears that this is not supported by Live! A port used as input may be reverted to use as an output bymaking it logic low, which requires an external current of at least A to flow from it to earth. Launched in Novemberthis vehiclemade many important discoveries, undoubt-edly the most interesting being that water that good old basic piece of chemistry H2O was much more eleotor in the universethan had been thought hitherto.

If you frequently experiment with the var-ious parts of your audio installation, you willprobably find it handy to have a complete setof the attenuators listed in Table 1. At the right-hand side there is space for the mains transformers. The IC is protected against ther-mal destruction by an overtemperature monitor.


The power supply includes a regulator so that the cardwill not need eelektor separate regulated power supply. Febfero the supply voltage dipsbelow the trip voltage during normaloperation, the RESET output will goactive Low to ensure a clean reset ofthe controller. KainkaHere is a simple circuit for a one transistor Audion type radiopowered by a 1.

Two outputs have been pro-vided to make the circuit moreversatile. Its fairly easy to replace adual opamp if you use one ofthe accompanying printed cir-cuit boards. The well-known NE is used for the amplifiers, but anyother good dual opamp would also be satisfactory.

Each of these is capableof eletor up to 50 V, while the total load current on all out-puts should not elfktor mA. The value of RL determines the gain. This input is connected to apositive lead after the ignitionswitch, possibly via a secret switch. The circuit has been split into two to corre-spond more closely 10 the drawings of theassociated printed-circuit boards. With a supply voltage at this level, the losses in the bridge cir-cuits are also not as significant.

The current drawn from a port cannotexceed A.

Pololu – Free Elektor magazine April

KainkaIn order to listen to your heartbeat you would normally use a lis-tening tube or stethoscope. The input signals are fed to two rataryswitches: A in a TO package, for example,has a value of 4, while a 2N in a T03 package has a valueof 1. The 78L06 and79L05 voltage regulators canadequately handle the lowcurrent demand. Threediodes, D I-Densure correct class-A op-erurion.