@Keno – “Yes, heart of the problem is % “the changing of voltage” Right. So stop beating around the bush and tell us what the voltages. Hi, Elektor – I might call- circuit is not bad. Couple of minor modifications made here. Check this out. Item, Type, Manufacturer, Date. Elektor – July/August , Magazine, Elektor – November , Magazine, Unknown. Elektor – October , Magazine.

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Elektor – – Computing History

Glad your circuit works. But second one causes a problem on the output that couldn’t been solved yet. I found your data useful but not in the presented form, so I imported into a spreadsheet to align the results in two columns and then imported the images from the datasheet PDF. All of these measurements were measured to the common GND of circuit in that part of circuit stabilizer stage.

I lost most of my collection to water damage when I last moved so this is so appreciated.

Be sure to comment on finding the defect. Start by removing the diode from the 1892 limit op amp. An important addition to the Archive An important addition to the Archive. If this fixes it, you know where to look next.

Elektor Magazine – Spanish – 1982

elekror Isolate the problem section, determine the error, and fix it. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Now I can access them again on-line – how good is that? First one works perfectly fine.


Stop beating around the bush with generalities. How, exactly, are the two supplies connected?

Email Required, but never shown. Thank you Thank you so much, it was a fantastic job. Forgive me if I wrote some nonsense I do not speak English and I use google translator. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. If elrktor can put more pictures, it may be easier for someone to see something wrong and find the defect. Paulo Morgado – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – February 27, Subject: Now it works perfectly. T5 with higher gain ones and this caused instability to the circuit. Increase the value of C4 elektir stable up to 10x.

Most likely solder connection errors. Since you have a elekotr one, did you compare the non-working one to the working one?

Then the voltage changes slowly from 3V-5V. TR2 is power stage of 26V. Alternate method is the step load Q or ringing response to determine stability margin. Mine still has trouble adjusting the voltage.

But the information and the descriptions of the circuits and how they function are a very practical way to see the real world of electronics after learning from the textbooks. Thus something is loading it. What we found out is next – after turning on the PSU, the output voltage rises to certain level depends of voltage potentiometer and than starts to slowly descending til 3V. A common issue is the thru hole lead inductance of cap and ground connections can cause phase shift and if not compensated properly will oscillate.


And if I connect load on the output the voltage slowly descends till 0V everything seems like there should be a capacitor making these problems I changed Op-amp, LM and a few capacitors every of them but smoothing capacitor – my professor said that it wouldn’t be making such problems.

op amp – Precision Power Supply / Elektor, December, – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

In particular OA’s pins 2,3 must latch for output in linear range which lowers output on pin 6 to cut output. When we measured the Op-amps and LM, on certain pins there was voltage also slowly changing. And if the voltages are changing, then isolate the section by removing the 3 base drive components R9, D4 and D5and find out why the is acting up. Sign up using Facebook.

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Keno 1 9 I would tell you Check some things:. One issue I did retain for posterity was Elektor Book 75 which I could not locate in the English archive listing https: Topics ElektorMagazineCollection.

WhatRoughBeast 49k 2 28 I am from Brazil, I am also mounting this source 3 outputs: