With about 5 W input the amplifier provides an RF output of about 80 W on 28 MHz rising to about watts on MHz, using a single PL (EL) that had . EL/6KG6. High Performance Beam Power. Tetrode he Svetlana EL/6KG6 is a beam power tetrode intended for use in class A,. AB or B audio amplifiers. EL Substitutes. No information available. EL Ratings. No information available. EL Application Data. No information available. EL Data sheet.

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Hams not having much experience with valves may learn much from this project. After band changing, only two capacitors need to be tuned. My preceding designs were mostly intended to pep up 10 W home-brew sets.

My favourite choke has a diameter of 2—2. Collective and individual bias. Now we calculate the value of L: The pictures give an idea of the layout of the important components in the experimental amplifier. So, it seems that the GU tube, cheap on eBay, is a good choice for this kind of amplifier”. At the output end of the pi-circuit, an RF-choke between antenna-terminal and earth ensures a low-resistance DC-path, as a safety measure in the event of a short between the anode and the output-circuit.

The resistors will datssheet partly determine input-impedance. Keep one hand in your pocket!

EL Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

dqtasheet Indeed the PA on the desk is home made! This wire being tinned, I believe the high skin-resistance helps in preventing parasites. A 5 cm piece of 1 cm diameter will do, longer is OK. According to some users the tube is “stronger” than an EL, but there are also negative messages.


Because the control grid is datqsheet with a resistor, the amplifier is in principle stable. Top clips are difficult to obtain, but transistor-cooling clips are a good alternative. The tuned input circuit also shortens the HF return path between anode and cathode by preventing this HF current to follow the longer path via the transceiver.

Calculating for inductance gives: With about 5 W drive and beginning with the 80 m band, tune the output-circuit datahseet maximum power. Click Here for sheeton Sovtek 6B4-G. By pressing the switch temporarily the quiescent current can be measured.

Soon you will find out at which voltage a good tube drawn mA, so you have an indication if another tube is better or not. With about 10 W drive and beginning with the 80 m band, tune the output-circuit for maximum power.

EL519 Datasheet PDF

Both methods have been used in my compact test rig and the first method seems best. This one el19 a lot of pages from the European Philips Tube Manual.

Another solution is to remove 1 cm of the windings and start again, leaving a gap of 1 cm between windings; then check again. The anode is in fact about the same size as that of the old and A power valves. I only meter the anode current in the minus-line of the power supplybecause my linear is stable and in normal use, knowing other values is not deemed necessary.

If you use 1 – 2 mm diameter tinned copper wire, it will have sufficient skin resistance for VHF. Only after this last adjustment is full linearity achieved. The knobs are made with a lath. According to the truth table S1 should not be “off” if S2 is “on”. ON5DRE, click too enlarges. The tube is thicker and often is the envelope made of thicker glass, but there is quite a difference in the mutual production. The valves may be mounted vertically or horizontally, the choice giving more freedom of layout.


Now raise the drive level to 10 W and repeat. If the leakage current and voltage are stabilised may take 30 minutesthe supply voltage can be raised to the intended working voltage, which should be lower than the nominal one. At Watts and a 50 Ohms load, the loading-C has still only V peak across it, so here the spacing could be even less. I used the both tetrode sections in parallel, with only one classic parasitic suppressor.

FRINEAR RF Amplifier with 4 x PL(EL)

The wire may seem too thin for some currents, but in all my experiments it never burnt through. In our case, matching is done datasheef a 4: The loading and tuning capacitor must be respectively – pF and – pF. This was not often seen but I am using the toroids more than 25 years in my home made amplifiers. In contrast with American sweep tubes they will even function well with anode voltages far in excess of Volts, even with V the valve survived many experiments.

The cooling clip keeps the temperature of the top within reasonable limits at high dissipation. Adjust for maximal power at The internal heating activates a chemical diffusion process, which el59 the emission level and also helps restoring good vacuum, thereby diminishing the number of possible “flash over”.

That is much smaller than the usual air-core coil.