: El Fantasista () by HERNAN RIVERA LETELIER and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available. Hernán Rivera Letelier is a Chilean novelist. Until the age of 11 he lived in the Algorta (Chile) ; El Fantasista (The Fantasista). ; Mi Nombre es. In this new novel, Rivera Letelier returns to his imaginary Pampa to bring us a moving win this momentous encounter –could this be the mysterious ” Fantasista”?.

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This turn crafts the secondspace of the brothel as an economic outpost of the multinational yoke, thereby infusing its structure with a decidedly non-rural characterization of space.

Their inhabitants, including the contadora, model their behavior, speech, and thought around the imported, larger-than-life cowboys, vedettes, and swash-bucklers that infiltrate the desert-space. Until the age of 11 he lived in the Algorta Chile saltpeter mining town.

Claudio Saavedra’s review of El Fantasista

Remember me on this computer. Though innocent of the accusation, El Cristo does react to a general strike organized by the labor union, citing the need for greater pay and less working hours. I dear to say that Rivera-Letelier has achieved popularity thanks to his down-to-earth writing and the depiction of the lives of miners and prostitutes in the north of Chile that is already common in fantasistaa works, but with the particularity that his words come not out of an aristocrat research of the recent history, but from a fellow’s experience gained through a coming-of-age in the Norte Grande, surrounded by those he writes about, experiencing first-hand the desolation that rivear life in the desert can bring upon men and women alike.

I find Rivera-Letelier’s writing to be of little innovation here, but his works are of high value for those interested in the north and its mysteries.


Contents Going Beyond the Salitrera: His narrative function, however, does perpetuate an aura of salvation and sacrifice, as his virtuoso performances with the football are augured to save the poor villagers of Coya Sur from one last humiliating defeat to their privileged counterparts from the North.

The spatial considerations of the railroad track blur the borders between the urban and rural, as the rural becomes an interstitial space that permits the movement of urban factors and subjects, anatomically inseparable from the organs of capitalism in the national body. The mystery surrounding the final days of El Cristo brings forth the action of resurrection, as the narrative comes full circle when Magalena leaves him and her dead chicken at the outskirts of La Piojo.

It further suggests that a tangible and viable economic system exists outside the open-border dictates of globalization, as represented by the Gringo salitrera, built around the simplified factors of local supply and demand. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Fears of the military and military rule are further com- mented on in El Fantasista as the local villagers fear reprisals from the police, as they begin to hear that the military makes a habit of disappearing people in the bigger cities.

El Fantasista : Hernan Rivera Letelier :

The protagonist of El Fantasista, for example, bears no physical resemblance to the aesthetic trope of the messiah. The inability to build a concise and coherent discourse against both the liberalized system of the mining companies and the theological principles of the church suggests an inherent displacement of the subject.

With the invention of synthetic fertilizers, foreign demand for nitrates took a mortal hit and many of the min- ing communities became ghost towns. He married a year-old girl when he was He completed his seventh and eighth years of study at night school, and at the Inacap educational institute he earned his license as a secondary education instructor. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. The built-in contradictions to his advice annul him as a political affront to the forces of globalization and neoliberalism, yet place him outside the traditional ethics of the messiah.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. University of Virginia Press, His siblings went to live with his aunts. The existence of her brothel is held in question as only workers employed by the company are given quarters. Please help by adding reliable sources. The episteme of neocolonialism is not lost in the construction the desert space in this novel, as Rivera Letelier signals towards the notion of a global South that rises from the microcosm of the mining town.

Una historia que muchos quieren olvidar. In the early 19th century, speculators discovered vast reserves of saltpeter in the Negreiras, Pampa Negra, and Letrlier regions, which contributed to a boom in exports of nitrates to Europe.

After establishing her new place of business on the heavily-frequented train lines, a new slew of customers line up at her door.

El Fantasista

When it was closed down, leteller and his family moved to Antofagastawhere his mother died. Claudio Saavedra ‘s review Dec 16, He wears the uniform of a popular team and is bowlegged due to a tumorous testicle that prevents him from running or standing straight.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. On the one hand, we are exposed to her carnal nature and travails, as she willingly serves all the men, single and married in La Piojo, even giving them services on loan, ac- cepting payment after they receive their monthly salaries.