El designio del ángel has ratings and reviews. Mizuki said: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, is one of the most cliched, over-ranted YA books I’d. About El designio del ángel. by Cynthia Hand (Goodreads Author). Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about El designio del ángel, please sign up. Por fin me topo con un personaje adolescente y sobrenatural que tiene los pies puestos sobre la tierra y que además, se comporta más como Ángel que como.

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The Angel thing is cyntiha nothing but background, and even the introduction of an angel war Black Wings vs. The genuineness of personality of the characters in the book was too weak for me to consider.

Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Conclusion Continuing the Series: Clara just sucks it up with desitnio any second thought and question, she never pauses and digests the idea of being an angel-blood hannd what it really means. The main angelic story itself is interesting.

It leaves a lot of loose threads hanging, makes the reader question what exactly even happened during those last thirty-five pages of action, and wonder whether picking up the sequel is even worth it. You then brush your teeth quickly and head downstairs. Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi 5.

Yes, they move halfway a Rating: He’s so close this time, so close that I can smell his wonderful mix of soap and boy. I’m not angep a fan of novels that revolve around high school as I find it typical cynhia extremely angell, however if you’re ahgel who likes slow progressing high school types of novels mixed with a bit of supernatural, it’ I honestly found this novel boring, I had really high expectations as I had read many great reviews of this.

Clara’s mother has some secrets, her brother and best friend are very interesting agents of plot twists as is the object of Clara’s mission.


Unearthly didn’t do the job most books do to readers: Thankfully, Christian and his brooding self leave for a while and Clara is left spending time with her best friend’s twin brother, Tucker, who is much more likable. Did not like it. Then when she gets there she meets her purpose which has to do with the most popular boy in school.

I get it, I’m nitpicky, but my reasoning is that there is no indication that these questions have answers or will be answered.

And after all the damn praise, fuck knows what I expected, but it was a whole lot more than this. La tierra cruje bajo mis pies. Also, Cythia appreciate it if you guys could leave books with angelic themes that lean towards mythology rather than romance.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead designlo I just didn’t really feel the love in their relationship. In fact, aside from her powers there’s not one single personality trait that elevates her above more compassionate humans, more intellectual or more competent.

El Designio del Angel : Cynthia Hand :

But this isn’t the pilot to a TV show – it’s the first book in a series. Oh however will I choose? To me, angell comes across as whiny and self-absorbed a lot of the time. She is perfect and is hard to relate to because she is good at everything.

And oh, I couldn’t stand cynthai boredom this book had caused me. What is her deal? I admit he has Gary Stu written all over him – he’s too perfect – but he’s still got a bit of cynrhia where the other character’s are flat and boring. What’s going to happen in that family? Thus, leaving their home God made for them, and putting earthly pleasures above God. However, when Christian leaves for the summer and all of Clara’s friends do the same Clara gets to spend more time with Tucker and they fall in love.


I’m sorry hype, this was awful.

After a whole chapter of her spazzing about her angel visions and the same old description of the boy in her vision, Anngel gave up.

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken 8. I tended to find myself skipping over sections of the novel just to finish it quicker — all in the hope sel getting to a part that I would enjoy more but, sadly, this never happened. She really does not have a way with words.

El Designio del Angel

angsl I also wanted less high school drama and more angels. But oh goodness, the existence of the Black Wings is only barely mentioned in the book and there’s no foreshadowing of the threat.

Angels have visions like this that illustrate their Purpose, and the first step to fulfilling Clara’s Purpose is to find the forest fire and that particular truck.

And if Clara doesn’t see that she’s just crazy. Or it wouldn’t be if the fact that she’s an angelblood really isn’t her main issue. Or does that depend hanr their lineage, if they are demi or quarter or whatever? Unearthly released during a time when angel novels such as Hush, Hush, Hades, and Fallen were making waves – not all good – in the book community. She was vain and often self-absorbed, forgetting that other people had issues as well. Because she says it.

Also, why does everything she does have to contribute to how she feels in front of a guy? She also exhibits a total lack of sympathy in her reaction Un fuerte olor a humo.