Ample of people are seeking for Eden Biodome Revolution. lesson like Ample of people, here we could assist you to find the incredible e-book/viodeo which. To build a geodesic dome of your own, it is recommended that you get the e-book , “Eden Biodome Revolution” by Kacper Postawski. This unique e-book will. A few years ago I launched an e-book on how to create your own .. Eden Biodome Revolution, I bought you e-book, it got me motivated to.

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A few years ago I launched an e-book on how to create your own Biodome, and grow food year round for your family, even in the biodoome of winter. It was a smash hit, and it helped a lot of people build Biodomes, but in all honesty, the eBook kind of sucked.

Taken a few days ago. This makes it possible for you to build a beautiful boo dome that fits perfectly like a divine geometry puzzle of beauty.

Just imagine what would happen when you stick an Aquaponics system in one of these! The possibilities are endless. The man in charge of the project is a dear friend of mine, Sasha! I am currently traveling through EuropeMoroccoand the Middle East.

I hope you are taking Colloidal Silver with you. I will ship it by EMS at my cost.

My dream is to build one of these. My son designs homes and I want to give him the plans so he can figure out how to fit it into the south side of my house.

Thanks for keeping in touch! Does this geodesic dome have to be circular only. Can it be oval shaped. We are definitely interested in also adding an aquaponics system to the dome. We are all going to need an alternative way to feed our families in the coming months. I love your ideas. I did purchase your first biodome e-book and created my own dome. I built one inspired by u. U should take a look. I can help you.

Discover Eden Biodome Revolution PDF

Since the E Book was not up to snuff do those of us that payed for it get the new product free of charge? Would love to see one with food growing inside of it.

And how does it work even in the dead of winter. What part of South America? Thanks for all you do. Sounds awesome, edeen great timing!

Geodesic greenhouse book: avoid like the plague » Domerama

Hi Just read your mail. I am very interested in your dome. Aquaponic and your dome will be of much interest not only for me but also some islanders around. Let me know if you come to Greece — we might meet? Biodomes, but in all honesty, the eBook kind of sucked. The new model 2. One fantastic element of this is to place the hydroponics inside.


I really like the idea of building either a small solar panel and hand made wind generator from online instruction kits. To vastly increase yields up to 10 fold of your bidome growth, you want to use a layer of black magnitite sand in revolutioh soil you continue to enrich. Milewski explains about superlight moving at 10 X lightspeed.

This emerges as energy from the black hole in the center revolutikn each galaxy as matter enters it. Will there be an upgrade to the last book or another consideration for those who purchased your previous book, to purchase this new upcoming program? Excited to see the new and improved version of the dome. I live in Ontario Canada and fevolution love to know if we would be able to grow in the dead of revolutkon in the dome. Also I would love to see a tunnel style or oval dome. I purchased your first book and just now getting around to building my dome.

Still uncertain what to use for the covering. LP-Keder, assorted plastics or glass?? Love to see what you came up with…. I did not receive any notice of your system. I do not have a web site. Need information on various sizes available, advice on whether can grow all fruits in this dome if erected in central British Columbia, Canada and lower portion of Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada??? Your advice will be appreciated with request to have information emailed to: Would like to know if the new design is suitable for growing in Canadian climates Ontario during the dead of winter.

I would be interested to know how build a dome where plants could survive and thrive in the cold climate here. Do you have plans for a dome that is oval or tunnel biodoke, as that would fit better in my yard and not take up as much space. Will those that have purchased the original biodome e-book be receiving the new and updated info? I Just finished cutting the struts for a 2v 5m dome using the plans I purchased from you how will you make the 2.

Eden Biodome Revolution, I biodoem you e-bookit got me motivated to build that green house, since I have already got a barrel aquaponic system cycled with fish and veggies growing.

I bought all the wood needed and started on the dome struts, everything going good till I get to step 3 arrow head cuts video B, its link does revoluhion work. I really think I need to see it t6o fully grasp the arrow head cuts.


Please can you help? Hello — I just got through listening to your information about the black mica and I am soooo excited because I just purchased a water filter system and will now be returning it!

I personally have been told by the medical industry that I would have to live with my back pain from several car accidents and the only relief was to be on drugs — pain killers for the rest of my life — NOT! I lost 2 years of my life and I would go to work because we needed the income and then not remember how I got home! God blessed me with a wonderful friend who had similar problems and between the two of us we found another way of living with our injuries without pain!

I know that what you have has got to be a God given intervention to me because — it is tied in with your mention of magnets!

Biodome Revolution Reloaded! | Kacper Maciej Postawski

I sleep on a magnetic mattress pad and take a supplement that has definitely helped me get back on my feet but I KNEW there was much more and definitely what God has put on this planet! Unfortunately, I am unemployed and my husband is the bread winner — until I can get my refund back on the water filter I purchased — I will have to purchase the smaller quantities of your Adya Clarity.

BUT while my funds are low — my question is — After I purchase the Adya Clarity drops and start using them — how can I separate the sediment that ends up at the bottom of my water? I will have to wait on purchasing your filtering system when my funds will allow it. Over and out, Kacper PS. Can hardly wait, since we a stuck living here, this will help make the most of it. Kasper, Thanks for the information about the new improved Bio-Dome.

I purchased one of the original Bio-Dome e-books. Is there any chance of an upgrade? I purchased the orginal plans, exsited to see the new video.

If you come to this country, I would like to talk to you. I live in Valencia Mediterranean sea coast juan. Hello I did not receive any notice of your system. Thanks Kacper, I Just finished cutting the struts for a 2v 5m dome using the plans I purchased from you how will you make the 2.

And can you make them bigger?