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File is not saved. Anonymous April 4, at 8: AxWonders April 12, at 8: The file is being kept in use Stupid typo in the code: DawsY May 14, at 1: Anonymous February 7, at 1: I need to see what’s going on when I have som time to si down and check it. Anonymous April 5, at 9: AxWonders April 4, at 9: Really busy these days. Hi Sanjeev, are you using the exact same code I posted?

I just tried it on my end and it worked as expected. Hi, Thanks for sharing your code. The code below saves the report to a local palce primtjobsettings your computer.

Hi Bro, The code is not saving file for me. Please do share if you find an answer: The best to you man! How can I save my private report, this one made by me. It does in AX though. Have a great day!


Ghasuddin Tajwal December 7, at In stead I use this code: This is the first article of 3. In my case, Dynamivs having a lot of problems saving the file to a network file and then to attach it to Outlook.

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The file was being locked by the E-mail process and not the create PDF process I can immediatly delete the file. In my case I’m calling another report and I can’t pass the printJobSettings like this. Regrading your question, windows will create a reference on a temp location when AX creates the PDF file, therefore AX will ock the file until it is saved.

I was playing with this in my AX virtual box this morning and I’m able to save the file. It does for the salesFormLetter.

I’m not sure what’s different in your machine. AxWonders April 5, at 9: Anonymous April 12, at 4: If I execute the code in a job it works. Thank you for your thoughts.

So, the titles of the three articles will be the same foe exception of the text in parenthesis. Can you send me the exact code you are using?

Alhough changing the class from client to server doesn’t change anything. I found something else however: Unknown February 17, at The following code saves an Axapta report to a PDF file. Gerard, Thanks for double checking and getting us the answer to this issue.


AX WONDERS: Save a Microsoft Dynamics AX report to a PDF file (First Part)

I forgot the mail. So probably some kind of permission problem. Your comment will appear in my blog shortly after review. Please let me know. The next article will show how to save the file into a network share and pass a Sales Order dynamically, and the last part will be about attaching the PDF to an Outlook instance and create a dynamic subject. Also, make sure that your menu item is pointing to the right class.

Besides that, this should work in AX Code is fine but when I try with my report it doesn’t work. Hi Guys, From past few days i am trying to send invoice directly to customers via email. AxWonders February 17, at 1: