2. LetraTag User Guide. Figure 1 DYMO LetraTag Label Maker. Space Bar. Backspace. Settings. Cancel. Memory Save. OK. Memory Recall. CAPs. Clear. Insert. Dymo LetraTag XR manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration. User manual for the device Dymo LetraTag XR. Online user manual database.

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DYMO LetraTag XR Instructions For Use Manual

The LetraTAG can print on coloured, transparent, metallic and iron-on fabric tapes. How to use your DYMO.

Open the cassette door Insert cassette Fig B. Check the cassette is correctly positioned before closing the cassette door. Press the red button to switch on.

Type a simple label first to try the machine. Learn more about formatting in the following pages. Use the cutter button on the right-hand side of the LetraTag to cut the label Fig E.


File:DYMO LetraTAG – Wikipedia

Setting the language Setting the language will define which extra characters your LetraTAG can print, so that you have fast access to the accented charac- ters or currency symbols you need in your language or country. It will lehratag specify the language in which error messages appear on the display.

Use Q or R to scroll through the alphabetical list of lan- guage abbreviations until you reach the one you require. Step Six – Cut the label.

Step Five – Print your label. Step Four – type a label. Step Three – switch on.


Step Two – insert the cassette. Step One – insert the batteries.

An abbre- viation of a language will appear. Then press manyal select. Note that the starting point for the list of lan- guages depends on the model: