Core Java with SCJP/ OCJP Notes By Durga Sir Language Fundamentals nd DURGASOFT, # ,2 Floor,HUDA M aitrivanam,Ameerpet, Hyderabad – . SCJP Notes by Durga Sir Durgasoft PDF – Ameerpet Materials. Posted by SmlCodes. SCJP Notes by Durga Sir Durgasoft PDF -Ameerpet Materials. Download. DurgaSoft SCJP Notes Part-I Download – is a famous faculty in Hyderabad. He teaches the core java for the beginners and also will.

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For the integral data types untill 1. Coding standards for variables: It represents mateial size of the array. We can replace string[] with var-arg parameter.

Every variable has a type, every expression has a type and all types are strictly define more over every assignment should be checked by the compiler by the type compatibility hence java language is considered as strongly typed programming language. Whenever we are performing array assignments the types and dimensions must be matched but sizes are not maaterial. Whenever we are trying to print any object reference internally toString method will be executed which is implemented by default to return the following.

String[] array main method The other overloaded method we have to call explicitly then only it will be executed.

Part-1 (DurgaSoft SCJP notes) www.JavaEra.com

Every entry in stack is called Stack Frame or Action Record. If we are using any other modifier we will get compile time error. Wherever var-arg parameter present we can’t replace with single dimensional array. Second variable onwards we can’t apply in the same declaration.

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DurgaSoft SCJP Notes Part-I Download

If we are taking array size with -ve int value then we will get runtime exception saying NegativeArraySizeException. The only allowed characters in java identifiers are: Instance and static variables can be accessed by multiple Threads simultaneously and hence these are not Thread safe but local variables can be accessed by only one Thread at a time and hence local variables are Thread safe.

If we want to represent real numbers then we should durgasof for floating point data types. This is most commonly used data type in java. In java some identifiers are reserved to associate some functionality or meaning such type of reserved identifiers are called reserved words. In the case of interface type arrays as array elements we can provide its implemented class objects.

Wherever single dimensional array present we can replace with var-arg parameter. Any constant value which can be assigned to the variable is called literal.

Literal value should be prefixed with zero.

DurgaSoft SCJP Notes Part-I Download | JAVAbyNATARAJ

Execution of main method. Of arguments such type of methods are called var-arg methods. Rules to define java identifiers: From all those sources I wasgetting the information regarding latest job openings only but not any resources to chase job selectionprocess by improving my skills. A char value can be promoted to int type but char array cannot be promoted to int array.


The local variables will be created as part of the block execution in which it is declared and destroyed once that dirgasoft execution completes. Download Spring material from DurgaSoft.

Which of the following are valid declarations? Based on the type of value represented by a variable all variables are divided into 2 types. Some times to meet temporary requirements of the programmer we can declare scip inside a method or block or constructors such type of variables are called local variables or automatic variables or temporary variables or stack variables.

The method name should be prefixed with remove. I like to share the java programs and materials from different institutes and free eBooks to download.

DurgaSoft SCJP Notes Part-I Download

We can perform declaration, construction and initialization of an array in a single line. We can call or invoke this method by passing any mayerial. Why I started JavaEra. Reserved words for data types: Nataraj from Ameerpeta Core Java notes by Mr.