Dr. Fu-Kiau Bunseki is a master teacher on African Spiritual Systems, particularly those coming out of the Kongo. He is also a lifetime friend of the. Fu-Kiau Bunseki was Born in Minianga, Democratic Republic of Congo and holds degrees in the Cultural Anthropology (B.A.), School Administration (), . Feb 18, Dr. K. Bunseki Fu-Kiau is one of the most distinguished and insightful scholars of African culture. Born in Manianga, Congo, he was educated in.

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The Baluba of the Kongo conveys this idea of a spiral universe with a snail shell see image in Eglash, He traces it to the 26th dynasty BCE. There are many publications that deal with the meaning of the word Imn e.

The Hedge Mason: Memorial for Tata Bunseki Fu-Kiau

One wonders why the title of zombie is not attached to Jesus the Christ of the Christian tradition. General History of Africa Vol. This is probably why Wilkinson Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here As time progressed, the rmTw Egyptians called him Amun asha renu or ‘Amun rich in names’. We can see that this is a common word for cattle in African languages.

He was instructed in Kimpasi by local ngangas masters, specialists, doctors. Thus, they have not sought out solutions for understanding Biblical names and cultural nuances by examining these foundations on the continent of Africa. Oxford and New York.

Dr. Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau | Working My Lines

The word msj “create, construct”; “give birth, bring forth of field ; “to form, to fashion” may be of relevance if it is discovered -m- is the root. At this time in my life undergrad I was also studying pretty heavily ancient Nile Valley civilizations, especially BuKam Egypt.

He is important because he notes a particular sound correspondence in Semitic that is instructive for us here. I was first introduced to Fu-Kiau in the year in an attempt to learn more about the martial art Capoeira, which I had been practicing since high school. This way we could assess whether the terms are genuine cognates or chance look-alikes. When Hawwah mentioned that her blacksmith of a child was a YHWH Yehweshe was comparing the fire in the forge to the fire of lightning.


Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The geographical area of focus for this text is modern Ghana where this name Imn is common-place. Genesis of the Pharaohs: Grammar and Dictionary of the Buluba-Lulua Language: He is therefore the one who opens up for man an appetite for life; He makes life worth living. This is possible if one is conceived of as the base as well as that which emanates from the base. We also have the following reflexes in ciLuba Bilolo, Because Capoeira is a Brazilian martial-art that originated in the Kongo, researchers turned to Fu-Kiau to gain insights into the term and how the art was used in Africa before travelling with enslaved Africans into the new world.

The most comprehensive work on the meaning of the name Imn comes from Dr. However, he does not provide a source for this set of glyphs in his text.

Pfeiffer, a Biblical bunsrki, discusses the difficulties for Semitic scholars when trying to ascertain the meaning of this name: A Year Love Story. The Egyptian Religion is the syncresis of African totemism and animism with Semitic nature worship. We note in Egyptian the following from the Vygus dictionary pg. Remain standing in a fixed position. Fu-Kiau was one of the foremost scholars of African Spiritual traditions producing a cadre of books serving as primers for deeper study into these traditions.

It is a symbol of negation.

Dr. Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau

This mothering characteristic of Imn is supported in the Egyptian texts. Strike the rock, and water will come out of it for the people to drink.


If we could discover this meaning we would have a good idea of the original character of this god. Highlights of the Grand Unified Theorem: It is given the consonant sound value of jmn.

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Before we get into our comparison, it would be of benefit to first provide a brief examination of Imn based on the accumulated data from the field of Egyptology. Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau Abstract: The Gods of the Egyptians: These ideas are present in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and we will see below just how the Egyptians preserved these concepts in their iconography.

Like Imn, Khnum also wore two high plumes atop his head. Self-Healing Power and Therapy: Essays on Theory and Method. The meaning ‘hand’ is ascribed to the reconstructed root by bunseko authors under the influence of their own idea of relation with “catch, seize”.

Fu-Kiau informed us that studying African languages was vital if we were to get at the heart of African cultures. Kimbwadende kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau. Thanks to the work of Dr. Much more could be said about the god Imn in Egypt, but space will not allow us to go into much depth here. Old Teachings from Africa. There is no need to worship it or build temples in its honor because it is the life principle itself. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

A zombie is a person who has been resurrected from death. When we understand that the m-n consonant root applies to the projectiles on a fixed base, then the following terms in ciLuba will begin to make sense: