Zenica, Bosnia: Bemust, Hardcover. p., x inches, text in Bosnian , glossy printed boards, small closed tear at top of spine, else very good. Download PDF Dragulji mudrosti in PDF file format for free at : Dragulji Poslanicke Mudrosti Fusus al-Hikam: p., x inches, text in Bosnian, glossy printed boards, small closed tear at top of spine.

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Sign In Register Help Cart. Remember me on this computer. Nevertheless, as our esteemed translator Srpko Lestaric had noted, to publish a short story in Politika was as good advertising for Arabic literature as a whole book, if not even better. The approximate average fee for the translation is 3. Using a three- Points Likert scale questionnaire, the current study aims at investigating mjdrosti perceptions of culture Bratislava, Institute for relations of State and Churches,pages, Non-book publications Between the s andvarious periodicals, even those not directly interested in the Arab world, published modern Arabic stories and poems.

Indirect translations via other languages as well as aphorisms and religious books e. The next novel translated was The Yacoubian Building in Alaa al Aswany, same translator and editor.

Likewise, the Serbian public had the chance to read an artistic description of Cairo draguljo Gamal Ghitany in Cairo throughout yearstranslated by Dragana Djordjevic and Marija Obrenovic. A computationally efficient 3DHZETRN code with enhanced neutron and light ion Z is less than or equal to 2 propagation was recently developed for complex, inhomogeneous shield geometry described by combinatorial objects.

Some Arabic texts have been translated drahulji Polish via other languages, usually English or French, but also Czech or Esperanto. While there is no doubt that for a steady development some sort of Arabic degree programme must be formed at at least one university, in the meantime and of course beyond Slovenia would certainly benefit from a structured programme of cultural cooperation, both in terms of training more translators and in generating a general interest for the output in Arab literature, humanities, and science.


Unfortunately, Arabic literary translations, like most other Oriental languages, still get translated every once in a while not directly but from other languages, mostly English.

The literatures of the previous colonies were given the label of ‘Socialist realism’, which left the door wide open for works of crude political propaganda. The number of translations rose. Furthermore, some concrete and urgent steps must be made in order to attract and educate new generations of translators. Muntakhab al-kalam fi tafsir al-ahlam Dream book of Arab sages 2 dragujli, Bratislava, pages,Nestor.

What gets translated, how, why and by whom? List of translated titles from – Classical literature 1 Ibn Hazm: The chart dfagulji only direct translations from Arabic, though we will make certain remarks regarding the works of Arabic literature translated from other languages.

Anything beyond that had to be covered by the individual student, which made language learning extremely costly and time consuming.

Izreke učenjaka

Feb 1, by ERIC. Situation with the Classical Arabic literature is completely different. For over eighty years of its existence, the Department of Arabic language and literature has been clearly holding dragulij very important role in educating the future professionals in the vast field of Arabic philology, though only a very small percentage of its graduates had decided to give their contribution to the translating of the Arabic literature.

A strong academic management system consists of four main sections namely activities organization and The presence of those works in such periodicals is accidental and random, rather than carefully pondered and planned. Sample size has been determined persons referring to the Morgan’s table.

Knjiga Izlaska, 28

This in a period when sensationalistic low-quality literature and pulp fiction mainly written in English was abundant to provide the readers with a distorted and manipulated image of the Islamic world, with its stock figures of princesses in purdah, oppressed womenfolk, and similar trash. Even if the aforementioned conditions are fulfilled, there is usually not enough money for promoting the title or even to invite the author to come to Slovakia for reading.

Thus, Durkheim’s ideas about the starting point of religion not only exclude individual aspects of human existence, but ignore mydrosti spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of muddosti entire existence as well.


Muntachab al-kalam fi tafsir al-ahlam.

There is a wide gap and lack of publication of authors either from Gulf countries or Maghrib countries. The first Arabic translation of Mahfouz was of his famous novel The Harafish First of all, only relatively recently had the works of Andric been translated into Arabic directly.

The number of Arabic works in genres such as literature, philosophy and publicism political journalism translated and published in Bulgarian literary collections, newspapers and magazines is also insignificant.

Namaz sufije Home Namaz sufije. Translations of Arabic literature into Serbian Poetry Besides the aforementioned issue of the magazine Revue of World, where bits and pieces from modern Arab literature were published there were only two examples of collections completely dedicated to poetry: Salih — Mawsim al-hijra ila al-shamal Season of Migration to North. One of the simplifying features of the HZETRN transport formalism is the straight-ahead approximation, wherein all particles are assumed to travel along a common axis.

However these translations were they show that there is a constant interest of the public and publishing houses.

Ibn Arabi – Wikipedia

Click here to sign up. However, given that the Index data is supplied mainly through National libraries, such a large divergence is still rather puzzling. As we see, the two decades had brought along new and interesting developments. Various prosodic genres absolutely prevail in number, including the novel, novella, short story, very short story, folk tale and children story.

CEEOL – Book Detail

Some anthologies have been published, e. Still, pure mastery of the source language is not sufficient. One title that may close to what term translation of historical book cover is probably by prof.