Book One in the Draco Trilogy, written by Cassandra Clare. “When an accident in Potions class turns Harry into Draco and Draco into Harry, each is trapped play. Judith Rumelt, more commonly known as Cassandra Clare, is the author of Draco Dormiens, the first novel of the trilogy, was posted serially to FanFiction. Cassandra Clare, the writer of The Mortal Instruments and The She wrote after the fourth book was published the Draco Trilogy, taking place.

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Fred and George are also perfectly as cheeky and mischievous as they are in canon.

The other characters you mentioned in Mortal Instruments that have similarities to Harry Potter characters are something you would not have noticed, had Clare not written HP fanfiction. One of the things I love about Cassandra is that she always write to let you hooked on her stories, and this one has a very nasty Lucius Malfoy he’s really disgustingnew curses, new types of wizards, so of course I’m looking forward to what happens next.

Draco Trilogy | Harry Potter Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Sure, you must write your own original work but thats only what a good author does. Despite my scorn, the intent of this review is not to cause hurt or to imply that I’m somehow superior to other people. The characters are plain and uninteresting, and the only thing they seem to care about is love.

I have two main disappoints with this novel apart from the editing business: This made her seem like she was, but she doesn’t sit around crying about guys, she cares about her best friends and would be doing her homework.

A clear victim of this is Ron, but at least I liked that there was no Ron bashing. And as for your ridiculous claim vlaire her characters are the same as those from Harry Potter? If this is what it takes to become a National Bestselling author, I definitely will not be hanging up my hat anytime soon.


The author removed her fanfiction from the internet when she became a published professional, but rumor has it the Draco Trilogy can still be found online if you know where to look Here is your proof. Okay, technically, everything had been stolen because it was fanfiction. Jul 03, Junnabeth Tanberry rated it did not like it Recommends it for: The second Claite read the scene in which Jace tells Clary the story about the boy and the falcon, I felt an unpleasant jolt of recognition: None of us know her personally, so there is no justification for callig her vile or despicable.

I love Harry Potter fanfiction and i’ve read good and bad ones, but this one wasn’t so easy for me.

Draco Trilogy

However, if you are the type of a person who takes offense easily, please do not read forward. But Csasandra being in Malfoy manor was probably the part that made the most sense, Harry was very confused about where he was, but went along with being Draco.

Is this really what rose Claire to fame?

Well, what can I say. It basically read like the last chapters of a typical Harry Potter novel problem, climax, Harry gets into hijinks, resolution but that also gave me the sense that I’d stepped into the middle of the story. She does not have a backbone and she is nothing but a bully.

Nov 29, Angela Randall rated it really liked it Shelves: But since Draco Dormiens wasn’t such an enjoyable read, i don’t think i will continue reading it.

Well, it’s plagiarized and I hate what she did to Hermione, but this will make for an excellent discussion.

Why I Have a Problem with Cassandra Clare & Why You Should Too. | life & what-have-you

They are studying Polyjuice Potion and to get the experience they drafo ordered to transform into the other for half an hour. I can’t believe this is actually on Goodreads. Definitely of professional quality.


If you look more deeply, you can also find well-formatted epubs to use with e-readers. It was followed by Draco Sinister and Draco Veritas.

Written early in the HP verse most characters and histories weren’t defined so Clare came up with her own and changed the characters. What’s the fascination with Draco? Probably because Clare’s Hermione doesn’t resemble Rowling’s. Parts 2 and 3 have so many pages, i don’t think i can make myself go through them. Another major issue, related to the use of claiire culture dialogue, was that Cassandra Clare reproduced concepts, rough scenes, descriptive phrases and dialogue from several fantasy novels.

But if you do that, is it so much wronger to use a few descriptive passages from other works? I find it abhorrent that they are being paid to write crap, which brainwashes the minds of thousands of young teens.

But formiens God, the love triangle. Refresh and try again. Perhaps she was dishonest, but perhaps she was just a young but talented fan writer making mistakes while trying to get out the best fanfiction she could, or perhaps it was a combination of the two.

Draco Dormiens

Aug 18, Charlotte added it. It’s difficult to explain to those who were not there how huge the Draco trilogy was in the early s.

I’m a big fan of fanfics but after seeing the reviews and finding out about the whole plagiarism thing, I think I will pass.

I did really like the exploration towards the end of Hermione’s female relationships.