In an interview, a good answer to this question would point out that OOP languages such as Visual , C# and C++ are the core. Whether you’re a candidate or interviewer, these interview questions will help NET and C# developer with over fifteen years of experience in creating web. We’ve identified the niche as interview questions. interview questions Qirina has identified a number of sites similar to Here they are.

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NET, covering C 6.

Dotnet Knowledge Library

These are questions I’ve seen asked and have asked others myself, which I think help get to a person’s ability to communicate and self-develop: I use this question as the entry point into more specific questions, many of which are represented here already.

Can you “fake” enough so-called “dependency injection” BS to get them off your back so you can get back to actually building apps that people use?

Comment posted by jitendra garg on Monday, February 6, 4: And if you need that because your looking for a wonder kid who can save your ass then thats fine. Or at least, “In my context I’m more buzzword compliant than you are. They are as follows:. Many questions are dotnetunle ambiguous is the sandbox question referring to execution-context-sandboxes or SCM-working-directory-sandboxes?


I fotnetuncle that a senior dev has an ability to interact and communicate with others. You don’t really care if someone knows the qurstions between DI and IoC, do you?

When they are done, ask them why they made certain decisions.

I think we all agree or at least we should that if you go into an interview tomorrow and you look across the table and the interviewer has simply printed out this list and is reading from it, that you should excuse yourself and run. Does she struggle to find any flaws at all without the aid of a debugger dotnetuncpe an IDE plugin?

Dotnet Knowledge Library

The controls properties and view state can be accessed at this stage. Comment posted by Rumela on Tuesday, May 6, 2: Comment posted intsrview fd on Tuesday, November 12, 3: Net was really big. When should you use inheritance? Use these concepts in your next.

I’d weigh any ONE of these factors more heavily than her knowledge of any given pattern, tool, or even dev stack. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a few gems in there that are similar to interview questions I ask myself. Qudstions you know your design is good? Here are some answers to some of the questions http: Which base class does the web form inherit from?


I’m still just a intreview dev, but here are a couple of questions that I use as barometers of current knowledge – What’s the difference between a web farm and a web garden, and what are the differences in preparing a website for deployment to each of them. Excellent article for beginners!! In my experience any question beginning with “What is. Comment posted by dharmesh on Tuesday, February 12, 7: If someone can answer all of these, you intervisw probably assume they know how to look up API documentation for framework specific problems.

Private assemblies are identified with the help of name of an assembly and version of an assembly. Dotneguncle posted by dhiraj on Thursday, March 19, 4: I would suggest you to read this.

Comment posted by Reena on Wednesday, July 24, 2: Which are the new special folders that are introduced in ASP. How might a task-based model differ from a threaded model?

Most of the questions here and on the other posts you referred to quwstions great for gauging competency. Organized around concepts, this eBook aims to provide a concise, yet solid foundation in C and.