DON PASQUALE music by Gaetano donizetti. (–) an opera in three acts, sung in italian libretto by Giovanni ruffini and the composer first performed on. Don Pasquale, opera buffa (comic opera) in three acts by Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti (Italian libretto by Donizetti and Giovanni Ruffini) that premiered at. GRAND OPERA LIBRETTOS ITALIAN AND ENGLISH TEXT AND MUSIC OF THE PRINCIPAL AIRS DON PASQUALE DONIZETTI CHASHDITS0N&C2T.

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One deceives oneself, sir, chiefly.

Bravo bravo Don Pasquale | Don Pasquale | Gaetano Donizetti

But still, ’tis a good house — all’s rirst-rate style ; Spend here, spend there, — eat, drink, and making merry.

My faith is pledg’d eternally to her! I’m going to the theatre, to divert me. Still I dare not believe it 1 Kind Heaven, I thank thee! In fact, sir, at the convent, We always, all of us, remain’d alone. After reading a passage aloud, she explains that she knows all the tricks of ensnaring a man.

Pasquale believes himself to be dying and regrets his falling out with Ernesto.

Don Pasquale

Booklets, giving full particulars, with portraits of Editors and contents of volumes published, FREE on request. Or si vada, or andate A quel vecchio, affe, la testa, Questa volta ha da girar.

The husband sees, and wisely holds his tongue: We’re quite agreed, and I’ m enlisted. She orders the butler to get her two carriageswith horses ; new furniture ; and a wigmaker, dressmaker, and jeweler.


We’ll by and by confer.

Jacquts Offenbach Fra Diavolo I. Pasquale is recognizable as the blustery PantaloneErnesto as the lovesick PierrotMalatesta as the scheming Scapinoand Norina as a wily Columbina.

Beginning with songs from the earliest Italian donizdtti, a comprehensive view of operatic development is given by well-chosen examples from German, French, and later Italian works, down to con temporary musical drama. What treachery is this! I can re – si – ste – re- re – titt no more— lo piu non pos – so. Pasquale is enraged, but she will tolerate no interruptions. He scarcely breathes, and speaks still less — He’s suffocated with distress.

Debbo oppormi a ogni modo ed impedirlo ; — Ma pasqhale si fa presto a dirlo! I cavalli sul momento. He instructs Ernesto to send for his would-be bride, but Malatesta reveals that Norina is in fact the woman Pasquale thinks he married, while the libretho Sofronia remains in a convent.

Ricciardo impelling To own a 8 conqueror, Love! The various numbers have been sought out with indefatigable zeal, largely from treasures of donizetri buried or neglected in the works oi great writers, and are therefore, in many ways, new to the average teachei or singer. What an audacious falsehood! He stands quite petrified, and seems — To know not if he wakes or dreams!

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Qualche nota di cuffie e di merletti, Che la Signora semina per casa. Son contento — va benone!

Don pasquaix 10 fUgttnacci, ma eospetto, Non vi state a pates ar! As for you, sir, leave my house, sir — Yes.

The note is addressed to Sofronia, arranging a meeting in the garden with its unnamed, admiring author. Now, then, at least, my worthy friend, You must begin to comprehend. I will take with me all my people. Che vi par del pensam Parlo schietto, non mi Riflettete, la colpevole M’ e sorella, e moglie vostra: It’s not a question of doing it well or doing it badly, but of doing it fast.


Bravo bravo Don Pasquale

I’ll speak to her. La mia fede e impegnata I Pat. Now Doctor Llibretto, besides being sensible of the absurdity of the old bachelor’s resolution, was a friend to Ernesto, and immediately made up his mind, to save Don Pasquale from just ridicule and bitter repentance, and Ernesto from ‘ie fate of poverty.

A wife like her you’re drawn, oh joy! But when shall I gaze on her 1 When of such bliss the donor! Mi scordavo di dirti Che annunziero cantando il giunger mio: If I the truth must let you know, I will not pay a farthing! Fear nothing, it is only Don Pasquale, A patron and a friend of me and mine, Who long has reigned the king of all good fellows I Don Pasquale makes a profusion of bourn ; Librstto dom not look at him.

Ernesto acknowledges this but refuses to comply, for he is in love with Norina, whom Pasquale considers unworthy.

Out of my house directly! Non so che oosa sia, ne saper bramo Pas.