Donald Wandrei was an American science fiction, fantasy and weird fiction writer, poet and editor. He was the older brother of science fiction writer and artist. The updated 2nd edition of St. Paul author Donald Wandrei’s science fiction. A friend of H.P. Lovecraft, Wandrei wrote both “weird fiction” and early science. of 89 results for Books: “Donald Wandrei” Don’t Dream: The Collected Horror and Fantasy of Donald Wandrei. Jun 15, by Donald Wandrei.

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At the age of 16, Wandrei completed his short story “The Red Brain”, in which a mysterious Cosmic Dust sweeps through the universe, obliterating the stars. The Eye and the Finger really liked it 4. Wandrei wrote some outlines for Gang Busters and other comic books in the s, and also attempted writing song lyrics in Hollywood. The Fire Vampires 3. Wanrei’s second book and second book of verse was Dark Odyssey Webb Publishing Co, illustrated with five illustrations by his brother Howard Wandrei.

Views Read Edit View history. A sampling of rare fiction, non-fiction, verse, humour and satire. Three years after Wandrei’s death inRahman and his mostly silent partner Dennis Weiler founded the publishing firm of Fedogan and Bremer to issue work by Donald and Howard Wandrei as well as other classic pulp writers.

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Wandrei was active in pulp magazines until the late s. In Philip Rahman had met Wandrei at a convention and the two became friends. Lovecraft liked the idea so much, he embarked on his own series, ” Fungi From Yuggoth “. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Some of his tales have originated in the form of dreams, of which he says he has a hair-raising dohald, and have been written with few changes.


Colossus: The Collected Science Fiction of Donald Wandrei:

There was also an excursion to Warren, Rhode Islandlater made famous by Wandrei’s reminiscences in the Arkham House volume Marginalia during which Wandrei, Lovecraft and James Ferdinand Morton each sampled twenty-eight different flavors of ice cream at Maxfield’s ice-cream parlour. Howard also wrote his own series with “Sonnets out of Bedlam”. He loved frequent rambles in the wamdrei along the Minnesota River; it was Wandrei who later taught August Derleth the dnoald art of morel hunting.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wandrei’s brother, Howard Wandreiwas an illustrator and the author of some fantasy stories under his own name and as by Robert Coley and H W Guernsey; Time Burial coll assembles most of his best work.

His time with the army had left him little time to write, and although he worked on several novels and plays, none of these was published.

Track the short fiction you read in 24 Oct 15, Wandrei personally made the case for Weird Tales to publish Lovecraft’s ” The Call of Cthulhu ” telling Farnsworth Wright that unless he published the tale, Lovecraft would look for other magazines to submit stories to. Wandrei resigned his interest in the firm after World War Two — when he also stopped writing new fiction, though much has been published for the first time in recent years — and after Derleth’s death in he declined to resume it.

Raiders of the Universes 3. The complete sonnet sequence “Sonnets of the Midnight Hours” is included, along with many other poems dating back as far as and including several reprints from both his earlier volumes of verse. Donald Wandrei 2 10 Aug 13, Wandrei by Donald WandreiS. In and he also worked evenings at the Hill Reference Library. That thought itself is a blow at our beliefs and comprehension. Topics Mentioning This Author.


InWandrei and August Derleth later co-founded the publishing house Wandrfi House to keep Lovecraft’s legacy alive, an action for which Wandrei is perhaps better remembered than for his own fiction.

Donald Wandrei

Donald Albert Wandrei April 20, — October 15, [1] was an American science fictionfantasy and weird fiction writer, poet and editor.

He also broke into the ‘slicks’ with stories published in Esquire.

Lovecraft conducted him on a grand antiquarian tour of Providence and then on to similar tours in BostonSalem and Marblehead. Only Antaresinhabited by a race of viscous Brains, survives — and this last remnant of universal sentience entrusts its fate to the unique, laboratory-created Red Brain in a compelling fable that leaves behind the donzld of human aquarium to revel in the cosmos and the ultimate terror waiting there.

August Derleth 4 9 Jan 09, Retrieved from ” https: Wandrei’s only full-length fantastic novel, Dead Titans, Waken! At this period Wandrei also broke into the crime pulps with stories of dpnald detective I.