Page 1. A-PDF Merger DEMO: Purchase from to remove the watermark. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Domebook 1, Pacific Domes , by Lloyd Kahn, Robert Easton and others. previously here · ∞ · Prev / Next. Dome Book 1 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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It may not be the best resource, but it sure is fun. It should grab tighter as the struts are bent from flat to the dome shape. Making them leakproof without tight tolerances is very hard. And check out that font used for the title and headings! A more subtle problem was discovered later.

The author read Domebook 1, the hippie dome manifesto. Kahn, who wrote that, now | Hacker News

Buckminster Fuller must be so disappointed. Are you ready for some football?

WeedingGirl, sustainable building topics are actually very current. Hacker News new comments show ask jobs submit.

I dicovered this book in my parents book collection when i was 10 or so. I am intrigued by the people in the picture below who live in this dome house, though. This doesn’t work as well. Such parts are cheap when made in bulk. Getting the last struts connected, though, might be a pain. Windows presented even worse problems. Some radomes in the Arctic have been surviving winters for years now. That was the best they could do?


My daughter goes to a charter school that focuses on sustainable living.

The Monolithic Dome Institute in Italy, Texas offers a good selection of books about the subject here: I bought a copy back in the mids, which I still domebooo. Kahn, who wrote that, now says it was all dmebook big mistake. Every kid dreams of a world where they live in a dome. I also currently attend a church that consists of two large domes here in Portland, OR. That, and the fact that conventional house designs are effective with natural and found materials, and you have geodesics beat.

All three are still occupied — one has been sold multiple times. Very dome-esque, if you can fashion such a word. Although the basic geometry of a dome is simple, what happens to a dome when sunlight heats one side but not the other isn’t. Cooler than dome houses. Of course the one that sold was the only one actually completed — the others still exist in their half-finished, but still lived-in state.

Six years of development I want this book! The hippie dome movement, as led by Kahn, encouraged do-it-yourself dome making from “natural” or even found materials. What is the resale value of one of these domes? The rubber connector is a nice part. Oh, and we live in NJ. Remember the all-glass house from the s? We must have had DomeBook 1 at some point, but all we have now is DomeBook 2. But yeah, the book is a weeder since most new construction is built to be more permanent.


The author read Domebook 1, the hippie dome manifesto. Obviously a dome house is for hippies.

Free Classic: Domebook 2 By Lloyd Kahn

The reason these never caught on is because they leak. Animats on Dec 27, parent favorite on: Domes made that way hold up very well. Even hippies get tired of living with dkmebook dripping onto their heads from thirty feet in the air eventually. My uncle and his family lived in one for while, so I got to see the inside of one.

Making them leakproof is hard. They hope to build a permanent structure with hay bales. That said, I’m constantly looking at this problem because I feel that there must be some important concepts that could be derived from geodesics without the dome aspect.

You can get some domes that are a thin domebok of concrete on the outside, then a layer of NASA-type styrofoam for insulation, then gypsum roofing tiles on the inside.

I really wonder if if they ever moved in or are living in it now…. One of our sandal-wearing, hippie-throwback faculty just ordered a bunch of new titles on sustainable building materials and techniques, including straw bales, cob, thatched roofs and earthen structures. Hard to mistake them for Stacy and Clint!