Encuentra Positive Discipline de Jane Nelsen (ISBN: ) en Amazon. DISCIPLINA POSITIVA DE LA A A LA Z (NIÑOS Y ADOLESCENTES). Encuentra Positive Discipline de Jane Nelsen (ISBN: ) en Amazon. Envíos Disciplina Positiva Para Preescolares (NIÑOS: EDUCACIÓN Y. Lo ideal es tomar una de las clases que se ensenan de Disciplina Positiva antes o despues de leer el libro. Las clases son divertidas y se aprenden las tecnicas.

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Millions of children have already benefited from the counsel in this wise and warmhearted book, which features dozens of true stories of positive discipline in action. Give your child the tools he or she needs for a well-adjusted life with this proven treasure trove of practical advice. Mostrar detalles Comprar los productos seleccionados conjuntamente Este producto: Now Jane Nelsen, distinguished psychologist, educator, and mother of seven, has written a revised and expanded edition.

The key to positive discipline is not punishment, she tells us, but mutual respect. Nelsen coaches parents and teachers to be both firm and kind, so that any child-from a three-year-old toddler to a rebellious teenager-can learn creative cooperation and self-discipline with no loss of dignity.

Inside you’ll discover how to – bridge communication gaps – defuse power struggles – avoid the dangers of praise – enforce your message of love – build on strengths, not weaknesses – hold children accountable with their self-respect intact – teach children not what to think but how to think – win cooperation at home and at school – meet the special challenge of teen misbehavior “It is not easy to improve a classic book, but Jane Nelson has done so in this revised edition.

Packed with updated examples that are clear and specific, Positive Discipline shows parents exactly how to focus on solutions while being kind and firm.

Disciplina Positiva Para Padres (Spanish Edition): Jane Nelsen: : Books

If you want to enrich your relationship with your children, this is the book for you. For twenty-five years, Positive Discipline has been the gold standard reference for grown-ups working with children.

Comprar los productos seleccionados conjuntamente Este producto: Jane Nelsen And Lynn. Positive Discipline for Preschoolers: Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle. Empieza a leer Positive Discipline en tu Kindle en menos de un minuto.

Detalles del producto Tapa blanda: Ballantine Book 1 de agosto de Idioma: Mostrando de 1 opiniones. Ha surgido un problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en este momento. Vuelva a intentarlo en otro momento. Change your mind, understand your children, change the way YOU act.

Powereade good things in live, take quality time with them. Now that my kids are 13 and 15, and I’ve referred to the positive parenting books and other approaches for raising kids many times, I wanted to give a review nelesn back on what’s been helpful so far positkva what hasn’t. In short, I agree with the reviewer who pozitiva check it out of the library but don’t buy it.


So it’s useful to be reminded of these things periodically. Also the books strongly poitiva that pretty much any misbehavior by kids always comes from lacking a sense of belonging in the home or “discouragement.

Sometimes your kid doesn’t want to brush his teeth because it’s basically a boring chore and he’d rather be playing, not because disdiplina failed to create a sense of belonging in the home. And because the ideas in this book about the roots of misbehavior are sometimes off, a lot of the examples are unrealistic, too.

Many of them read like: Johnny is hitting his little brother and taking away his toys. visciplina

Parents give him a positive time-in, explore his sense of discouragement, help him see he could play with his own toys as a positive alternative. Johnny says with a twinkle in his eye “oh right! Another problem I have with this approach is that, like it or not, negative consequences of various kinds are part of life.

As a kid, I had neighbors who raised their son very much on positive parenting principles. Poxitiva my brother and I would get grounded if we didn’t come home by curfew, “Tom” not real name would just have a positive time out and a lot of talking about his feelings and why he misbehaved. We used dizciplina envy him when we were younger kids.

Positive Discipline: : Jane Nelsen: Libros en idiomas extranjeros

But by adolescence, problems started to show up with Tom. The owners tried to explain that Tom had a job to do while at work, but Tom kept wanting to explain his reasons for messing up, how he was having a bad day, like he had always done with his parents.

The owner was a very nice guy who really enjoyed hiring local kids, but he was running a business. Tom got fired, very much to his shock. The same kind of things happened in high school when he wanted teachers to understand why he turned things in late, etc. It happened later when he got tickets and was in an accident due to speeding and was quite shocked to discover that the legal system, insurance companies, and the laws of physics don’t hesitate to impose negative consequences.

I think the notion that your kids should never feel bad, implicit throughout these books, made Tom’s transition to adulthood much rougher. So I would say: Come back to them occasionally as you raise your kids. But take them nelxen a grain of salt, and incorporate other parenting approaches too.

This is an instance where it is worth the money to diisciplina for a new copy of the latest edition. As Jane herself has evolved and grown in understanding the whole point of Positive Discipline, for parents and children bothso has the book. The first part of the newest edition spends a good amount of time reflecting back on the beginning in a very helpful way! The most popular review of this book on Amazon seriously lacks understanding of what PD actually is. While emotional health is extremely important, and gaining skills in talking about and understanding feelings and how to respond to them ne,sen own and othersa true Positive Discipline response does not stop there.


PD is solutions based parenting rather than punishment based, that is all. State choices within the boundary of getting the task done, then C. If this basic description of how PD works appeals to you, by ALL means buy and read and share this book! My wife wanted me to read lirbo book that she heard about from a friend of hers. It sounded like a good concept from the title, but I was still in the mindset of giving punishments to try changing behavior.

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When reading the book, a lot of it made sense and some of it didn’t. I disagreed and even objected when I first read about the “cooling off” period because of the way it was presented compared to my past experience being on the other end in a similar situation.

This made more sense later as I continued reading though, and it is the way that it is done that matters. Since starting to read this book, I have been trying to apply principles that I have learned from it as I see opportunities, and I have seen more positive results from its concepts than my previous practices. I got more out of the book than just helpful information on how to raise children.

I believe a lot of these concepts can and should be applied in many areas of life with friends and co-workers as well. My final thoughts are that I believe all current parents, parents-to-be, teachers, and even managers should read this book to disviplina others be their best. It is a complete from the way it seems that most children are raised, but is ultimately what each of us were likely striving for through giving punishments.

What we are striving for is that we want our children to grow up properly, feeling loved and to have success in all areas of nelzen. That is what this book sets out to achieve, and although we all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them, I believe neosen everyone constantly tried applying these techniques in their daily lives, it truly would make our world a better place.

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