Gurney’s bestselling illustrated fantasy, Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time, conjured up a lost world where people and dinosaurs live in peaceful. The first sequel, Dinotopia: The World Beneath () focuses mainly on Arthur Denison’s return expedition to the World. Four years after being shipwrecked on the island of Dinotopia, Arthur Denison and his sixteen-year-old son, Will, continue their explorations of this fantastic land .

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Without proper passes for the border guards, Arthur and Bix are forced to sneak through the swamp of Blackwood Flats while evading packs of carnivorous Allosaurus. I bought it basically as soon as it came out and have treasured it ever since. A four-hour TV mini-series produced by Beneathh Entertainment was also based on James Gurney’s work, and was advertised as the first “mega-series. Maybe he just wanted to draw some cool scifi imagery and to hell with logic.

Dinotopia began as an illustrated children’s book called Dinotopia: How well did they hold up?

The Dragoncopter fails and Will is narrowly saved by Cirrus, his Skybax mount, before the Dragoncopter plummets into a waterfall. Dec 02, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: Unfortunately the worlv and story lets it down-maybe that’s beside the point but I wanted to like it more than I did. But the illustrations make ALL the difference. It also wasn’t presented as a geneath like the first book was, which seemed like a really compelling narrative device, and a shame not to continue.

Christmas gift for my boyfriend, he loved it! In the higher regions of the Forbidden Wor,d a Himalaya-like mountain chainwoolly mammothsground slothschalicotheressaber-toothed catsand other prehistoric mammals can be found. The plot of the main Dinotopia books concerns Arthur Denison and his son, Will, and the various people they meet in their travels in Dinotopia.

This is what the sequel does and it does it quite well. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. The narrative it adds is fine but dinoyopia also cliche and does nothing to impress.

They really add to the imagination of what life would be like if humans every got to live with dinosaurs. Jul 25, S. I think the story was a bit weaker in some places, like with the strutters and the magic sun stones I also noticed that Will’s stor I started out reading this feeling disappointed because Gurney moved away from the diary aspect of the story and turned it simply into a third person narrative.


Retrieved 2 February Gurney’s dinotoopia effort falls short of his first owing principally to a break from the first-person narrative of a found journal that worked so well in the first book. The caverns are referred to as the World Beneath, and many dinosaurs go there to die.

Luckily, they survive and arrive on time to meet their kin.

Gurney Journey: Dinotopia World Beneath, Episode 10

There’s no consistency whatsoever. Calla Editions; 20th Anniversary edition September 19, Language: Rather than digital tools, Gurney used ” plein-air studies, thumbnail sketches, models photographed in costume and original cardboard or clay maquettes ” [7] to create oil paintings for his Dinotopia book.

Dragons fly by and you hear the roar. It would make far more sense to find those pictures on an ancient computer in high definition. The page showing ‘Stinktooth’, a Giganotosaurus, with its stinky mouth wide open is alone worth I am always amazed at anyone who can beneatu their visions, which is one reason I purchased this book.

This unfavourably emphasizes the simple structure of “This happened. However, this is the sequel.

Dinotopia, The World Beneath

A Land Apart From Time follows the further wrold of the Denisons as Will takes to the skies as a skybax rider and Arthur goes underground to discover more of the history of Dinotopia, along with dubious scalawag Lee Crabb and determined explorer Oriana Nascava. Will takes to the sky as the pilot of a giant pterosaur known as a skybax, while Arthur leads an excavation deep underground to discover the origins of the world beneath Dinotopia.

The Beneah Beneath, sequel to the first beloved Dinotopia, has many of the things that made the first book so spectacular–namely amazing art, and and interesting world. Why aren’t they using them to store their pictures? The artwork has been reproduced from new plates digitally scanned from the original transparencies. This book didn’t quite live up to the fun and artistry of the first Dinotopia.

This one also veered a lot more into the science-fiction side of things too, especially once Denison and Co. His son Will, on the other hand, has chosen to train as wold messenger of the sky; a Skybax rider, dinotopua lives in symbiosis with his mount, the great Quetzalcoatlus nicknamed Skybaxa species of pterosaur.


Gideon sneaks into a factory and discovers an enormous air scorpion attack strutter under construction. The sequel has similar elements to the first such as fake biological notes, feigned historical resea I read this book with my kids aged 4, 2, and 1so the review beenath my opinion and my kids’ reaction to the book. Arthur, Oriana, and Bix commandeer a ceratopsian strutter while Crabb takes a strutter modeled after a sea scorpion and they both climb out of the Benaeth Beneath, ending bneath in the Rainy Basin.

In this volume, I especially loved the drawings of ancient artefacts in a style reminiscient of museum catalogues. I hate to think that he was simply doing beneatb to appeal to a wider audience. The World Beneath is it’s like a Disneyland theme park ride in your head. This time around it even has a plot, unlike the first one which was essentially plot-less, although I would argue that it was to the book’s benefit and that the plot here is to this book’s detriment.

For years I didn’t know that any sequels to the original Dinotopia exist.

World Beneath

Vowing to escape Dinotopia and bring back an army of strutters to plunder the island, he destroys Arthur’s strutter with his sea scorpion and escapes. Casein in the Wild Painting on location in opaque water media. No longer are we strangers discovering a new and different world. His most recent books, Imaginative Realism: It also added a feeling of authenticity to a story where the world-building, and your faith in it, was so important to its success.

It feels more like I’m just reading a kid’s book with a clear agenda for its story which is none too impressive rather than organically stepping into a world without any agenda, which is the feeling the first book went for and absolutely nailed.