Die Weiße Rose by Inge Scholl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Die Weisse Rose by Inge Scholl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A detailed biography of Inge Scholl that includes includes images, quotations and the main facts In June the White Rose group began producing leaflets.

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This book, compiled and edited by their sister Inge who added a page introduction is especially good because it has all the leaflets of the White Rose and the two later ones “of the Resistance” translated into English. People li After I learned the name of Sophie Scholl through an online article I wanted to learn more about this courageous girl and her brother and their friends, who were executed by the Nazis in for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets at their college.

Different accounts of the events from different perspectives. It concludes with their brave, An excellent account of the idealistic student movement that attempted to end the wrisse of Nazi Germany. A statement that has reverberated in my head to demonstrate what a vile regime this was concerned the lecturer Huber?

Many pages are either reprints of the pamhplets The White Rose spread or the text of their trials. The closing sentence of the concluding remarks is: Quite basic, but written by the sister of two of those executed by the Germans, so interesting. In particular I was struck by the strong rhetoric used by both sides to defend their cause, which served to strengthen my sympathies for the White Rose group and gives way to a feeling of disgust when confronted with the extremist viewpoints of the Reich lawyers and proponents.

This book chronicles the path of a group of students who did dare to speak and paid the highest price. Ultimately, they paid for their resistance with their lives and the lives of 3 other young friends and one of their professors.

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Die Weiße Rose : Deutsche Lektüre für das 3. und 4. Lernjahr. Gekürzt, mit Annotationen

And yet… I think the significance of what they did was not trivial. All three were in German, but worth watching. Sep 30, Sandra Rahimi rated it it was amazing. Apr 11, Valerie added it.

Inge Scholl

Here the book is really very odd, but I will come back to that. At this point in time, many were confident Hitler would only fall with military action, and perhaps the Scholls agreed, but during a time when so many had given into apathy, the Scholls rpse it their duty to resist using any means possible.

Hans and Sophie Scholl, Alex Schmorrel, Professor Huber and a handful of other brave individuals found each other in a chaotic sea too frightened to act. Selecting their recipients randomly from phone books and traveling all around the country to mail letters from different cities, the student group’s efforts struck home. It’s important to realize that not all resistance is violent–and that if nonviolent resistance were ineffectual, rosd Nazis would simply have let the White Rose c There are several accounts of the White Rose Movement–what makes this one s[ecial is that it was written dis the sister of Hans and Sophie Scholl, who had an inside view into actions, imge, etc.

They are remembered to this day as martyrs, as are their fellow members of The White Rose.

Inge Scholl – Wikipedia

Books by Inge Aicher-Scholl. There was no violence in their opposition, they didn’t hurt anyone, for for their willingness to state that Hitler and Nazism was evil and wrong three of the leaders were executed by beheading.

This book describes the efforts of a few University of Munich students led by Hans Scholl, later aided by his sister Sophie, from the summer ineg to the winter of to resist the Nazis through the distribution of leaflets and the paintings of slogans such as: Few students could have the moral courage to defy a despotic regime like the nazi and put their lives at risk!

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Indeed, it is hard not to.

After the war she starts a school and later a Foundation, in memory of her siblings, possibly there is here an element of survivor guilt, but I notice too that she records the Scholl father saying “Ihr werdet in die Geschichte eingehen, es gibt noch eine Gerechtigkeit” p. Feb 10, Anthony Bracciante rated it liked it. What started with surreptitious meetings with like-minds; meetings where they could share texts from forbidden philosophers and writers and rail against the loss of freedoms and death which surrounded them.

Authoritarianism relies on fast movements and a cocktail of xenophobia and forced-nationalism.

Die Weiße Rose : Inge Scholl :

In a very real sense The White Rose was not defeated by the murders of Hans and Sophie Scholl–but it will be defeated if people forget. The editors and writers for this book want the White Rose to be something more. I twas concrete, and its goal and starting point were concrete Acho que esse pormenor acrescentou uma energia mais positiva e interessante ao livro. Did it encourage more protest. Written by Inge Scholl Han’s and Sophie’s sisterThe White Rose features letters, diary excerpts, photographs of Hans and Sophie, transcriptions of the leaflets, and accounts of the trial and execution.

I suspect not much.