DGMS (Tech.) (S&T) Circular No. of Dhanbad, Dated.2 i 01·. The Owners, Agents and Managers of all mines. Sub Guidelines on Occupational . KB minsafety Apr on (Tech)(Approval) Cir No. Files > DGMS Circulars Name DGMS (Tech) Circular 1 of DGMS CIRCULAR LEGISLATIVE AMENDMENT IN THE MINES RULES, CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD DGMS CIRCULAR.

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List of Mine Officials and Competent Persons. The operator can be evaluated and further training may be circuoars if necessary. As a result of this exercise it has been decided that 5 tonne tub-couplings should be manufactured as per designs SL. In some cases the trials are witnessed by the officers of DGMS. Mines Safety Week Celebration Photo. Appendix-V gives periods of validity of approval for different equipment, material and appliances.

A sample application format is cidculars at Appendix-II. In such cases test certificates from countries of origin of the equipment may be accepted on merit at the discretion of the approving authority.

Item Self-rescuer has been deleted from the list, as specific provision exist under Regulation D of dbms Coal Mines regulations, Cap Lamp days for 9 hrs. Such safety belts shall be treated at par with the safety dgmss accorded approval by DGMS in past. Man Riding Haulage System. If facilities for all the required tests are not available in one test house the required tests can be conducted at more than one approved test house.

Application for renewal of such approvals shall be made by the manufacturer at least sixty days prior to the expiry of the approval. Detailed report for different items Strikeout which is not applicable.


They have the same set of controls, ergonomics and transmission systems. Conditions for adopting system of Deep-hole Blasting. The concerned Director of Mines Safety in charge of the regional office under which the mine where field trials are conducted falls and Director of Mines Safety Electricalwhere applicable, has to be kept informed about the trials by the manufacturers.


Distance of face from last ventilation connection: Calibration of ciculars monitoring equipment. Mines and Minerals Bill. Post detonation fumes. The manufacturer may seek extension of the field trial which may be granted based on the merit of the case. From virculars to time, Indian and other Standards are subject to revisions incorporating various changes including testing and quality control systems. However, as a cross check, it is advisable to get some of the routine tests done from National Test House or other test houses as indicated in Paras 1 2 and 3 above as well.

Each operator will be required to pass a practical skills test and theory and on successful completion of the training on equipment, the operator shall be issued certificate to operate the machine on which he has been trained.

This had led to framing of mine safety legislation requiring approval of certain equipment and material to be used in mines.

Damage of below ground structures due to blast induced vibration in nearby opencast mines Provision of Pit Bottom Buffers Noise Levels and Noise Induced Hearing Loss circuars mine workers. In the 2011 maintained for such reports, there shall also be recorded all data concerning position, quantity of stone dust, cross-section of the road in which the dust barrier is situated, date of inspection and renewal of stone dust and any other relevant particulars.

Studies are made in respect of drawings and the test reports and these are analysed to determine whether the equipment, material or appliance has met the criteria mentioned in the prescribed standard and passed the performance and safety tests successfully.

Precautions to be observed dmgs the operation and maintenance of Derrick Cranes. Testing is mainly divided into two parts, type tests and routine tests.

Cap Lamp Flexible cable for miners’ cap lamps Miners’ cap lamp assemblies incorporating Pb-acid batteries Miners’ cap circluars batteries Pb-acid type. Provision of proper Audio Visual Alarm during reversing of vehicles.

Provision of Stone Dust Barriers.

DGMS Circulars | Nova Mining

For optimum results it may be necessary to conduct field trial at more than one mine, as may be decided by DGMS. Circulaars of the field trial approval letters are endorsed to concerned Dy. The gallery outbye of such stopings shall be kept clean of coal dust heavily stone-dusted and adequately ventilated. In case of imported equipment, they need to be tested in accordance to relevant Indian Standards, if available.


However, approval is accorded only after submitting valid BIS certification or a condition is incorporated in the approval that BIS license shall be obtained before manufacturing and marketing of the product. Portable electrical type IS: Protective Footwear days 3 nos. A record of coupling in use stating the reference number, date of manufacture and date of use shall be maintained.

Directorate General of Mines Safety – India – DGMS Circulars

In case there is any change in respect of the information furnished in the application, the applicant shall forthwith send information in the same format duly revised but in no case later than one month from the date of such change. However, grant of approval has been 2101 to cover specific equipment and material only.

Centre plans overhaul of mining sector. As per validity of BIS license. NCB – accepted.

No separate approval required sinceif conforms to relevant IS and covered under BIS licensing scheme. Hydraulic Roof Support One year 50 nos. Safety Policy of cirrculars Major Mining Company. Environmental Legislation of Indian Mining Industry. It is recommended that all mining companies having opencast working and use heavy earth moving equipment shall install simulator training for operators.

Field trial reporting formats for different types of equipment, material, appliances, etc. Shot firing cable circylars cable under NCB specifications are approved for one year only. The said notifications are given at Appendix-IA.

On approval, letters permitting field trial are issued to the manufacturer with copies to the users.