De Demmink Doofpot auteur: J. Poot. A carefully written research by Drs. J. Poot about how the Dutch government and the justice department. To my great surprise, I found out that she did not know who Joris Demmink really is and what is Then I referred her to the website ‘The Demmink Doofpot’. About Jan Poot Sr.: Dutch businessman. Poot Founded development companies Eurowoningen and Eurohome he founded Chipshol, a company.

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Child abductions, networks, Joris Demmink, never heard of Martin Vrijland

demmini For the younger generation, the movie demmnk is horror that seems so unrealistic that they would rather turn on the TV quickly. Nevertheless, it is important that this generation also knows what is going on and that kidnapping and abuse networks is not something that happened years ago. It is as current as it is possible and the attempts to clean it off by the Main Stream Media and all kinds of people in the police and judiciary are as real as the plague.

Even today, people are killed in the vicinity of the source, according to the remarkable list of deaths concerning the investigations into the recently retired senior man of the Ministry of Justice who is being prosecuted for suspicion of pedophilia. On this website you will find a list of the dead on this issue. A journalist came there last weekend Fred de Brouwer another time. Demmini weekend I was approached by a mother of a young couple of children regarding a problem concerning youth care.


It would be terrible abuses in the out-of-home placement doofpit children. The lady reported the following [quote] I have been called back by someone coofpot works with John van de Heuvel Telegraaf.

I had told my story about the legal child abductions here in the Netherlands and talked on behalf of duped parents. It was indeed a recognizable story he said. Since John is busy with loverboys, he advised to write or speak to broadcasters or production companies.

Can you help me with this. I want so badly that there is demjink who does something. It is totally out of control. So she had approached John van den Heuvel of the Telegraaf. Now I tried dkofpot explain to her that it seems that the Main Stream Media covers such abuses and that she is therefore sent with a clump in the reed.

Then I asked her if she knew who Joris Demmink is. To my great surprise, I found out that she did not know who Joris Demmink really is and what is going on in this world. And that while this lady together with many fellow sufferers is completely panicked about the child abductions and abuses in our country.


Then I referred her to the website ‘ The Demmink Doofpot ‘. She reacted to this in the foreseeable future and indicated that she was quite shocked. When I referred her to the interview with Marcel Vervloesemshe fell proverbially all the way back. That is why I feel called to motivate the young parents, students and anyone who has never looked beyond Good Times Bad Times, to have a night out of the TV and start with the documentary below.

Next, I recommend reading and waking up all the items under the ‘Pedophilia’ menu item. Horrible things happen in your immediate environment and they come closer to your children.

I did not start this website out of boredom. Micha Kat his website did not start out of boredom. We are fighting for the future of the children of this country and the rest of the world. Because it concerns international child abuse networks and the children are being snatched doifpot under your eyes. Do not wait until your children have their turn.

I hope that after studying all this information everyone has also woken up about the fact that the Main Stream Media may demmin, partially reporting misconduct, but that this is usually demmijk prevent people from digging further than their noses are long.

In this way they keep control over the further leakage of too much information that reveals the really great abuses.

For this, the ladies and gentlemen receive generous salaries. And as an answer to addressing abuses, you will get, for example: Take the camera yourself. Share your information with as many people as possible. The change must come from the people and you should not really expect the power bulbs that the media have in their pocket.

This is a link to a somewhat older document about a major abuse scandal in the years ’90’ in the US. Here too it was about the systematic abuse of young children and also in this case the tracks ran to the highest regions of the government, which then skilfully covered the lid and did not shun any means at all. I am 17 years myself and try to share this site with more people, although most do not believe or pay any attention to it.

I hope that this site will become a very well-known site, so that people wake up and see the truth. Pass it on to as many people as possible, especially your peers, who will soon be studying and working and in general will not know this because they do not hear enough about it at school and often at home too parents often do not know anything about it either.

Teachers at school do not know either, or have to carry out the dictatorial prescribed history and other lessons of the Ministry of Lies and Education from above. It is also true that because of less life experience, young people will not fully understand all this yet, but they can surely hear the truth about how it really works: It is about the truth!


Actually, there would have to be a large mass millions folder campaign to abuse the abuses of pedocrinality and the power politics in those doifpot heads. In the picture we also see Janet Fellon.

I was serious about this unreliable looking mess. Janet Fellon supposedly fights the pedophilia in England. The Rebecca Project was already on a controlled opposition list, because of Oprah W and other genocidal psychopaths. Have this article posted on Facebook with reference to the German documentary. If someone has his hair cut there are 40 reactions within 1 minute.

This article does not have one reaction after 4 hours. It seems as if the Dutch population is descended from an ostrich. Yes Antifreeze Rebecca is a Jewish name. Originally it is Rebekka. Meaning, rope or tie rope!!!!!! I can not be the only one who thinks the missing of Pedro Ates is very suspicious? A boy from 9 is 25! Hours without trace, and is then found under vague conditions in a park. Then the media emphasizes the following; “In good health” “healthy and well” “is not included”.

But it remains unclear what Pedro has done all this time. The police assume that he spent the night in the public garden?! A guy from 9 really does not close the night of Monday on Tuesday; that guy should be the next one broken. But “healthy and well” is found. That is not true. The school can not explain why the teacher did not speak, despite the school’s protocol.

Doopot not make any wood. Seems completely made up. The pedographer first wanted to write down the lie: Designed by Elegant themes Powered by WordPress. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of doorpot. The cookie settings on this website are set to ‘allow cookies’ to give you the best browsing experience possible.

If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click on “Accept” below then you agree with these institutions. Question authority Think for yourself. In short, mail, facebook, twitter and tell it through and through. Let’s talk about Robert Rubinstein and his Jewish-Zionist connections.

But also “bow” and “bound”. Inthe year-old Brouwer was the author of the first articles against Joris Demmink here you can find