Decipher, Inc., was later licensed to create role playing game and CCG products based on The Lord of the Rings. They issued their first RPG components in their. Decipher has done a great job on The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game. It’s easy to learn, fun to play, and in general perfectly suited for. Decipher’s take on Lord of the Rings using the CODA system. Note: This game is different than the similarly named games Lord of the Rings Adventure Game.

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This NPC spreadsheet also provides an individual wound monitor for up to nine combatants, and a quick reference chart for ‘one- or more -success-opponents’.

Here is the description from Sell Sheet for the Roleplaying Game system:. God I love Exalted.

LotR RPG (Decipher Lord of the Rings Role-Playing Game)

The richness of Middle-earth lies in the depth of its histories, the detail of its languages, and the breadth of its cultures. The game is the second licensed role-playing game for the setting, the prior game being Middle-earth Role Playing dpg Iron Crown Enterprises. The Lord of the Rings is an epic of good versus evil, extraordinary heroes, wondrous creatures decupher dark armies of terror — all the things needed for an incredible RPG!

Many of these rules either redefine the overall power level of the game or suggest some new, fun mechanics e.

Decipher RPGs* | Lord of the Rings Collector Notes

Bring this wealth of new challenges to dwcipher The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game Chronicle and let your players pit themselves against this fortress of the fallen Wizard! Maps of Middle-earth bring J. Enter Middle-earth and re-live the adventures of the Fellowship in this exhaustive guide to the people, places, and events of The Fellowship of the Ring. You will also find most official errata information plus some other related official and fan-based Decipher RPG resources at The Steward and the King website.


So product descriptions had to be reconstructed from multiple sources to be both as historically accurate as possible for what was on the Decipher website, plus as complete as possible.

The revised 2nd lf of the Heren Turambarion’s Compendium comprises 56 pages of optional rule suggestions and official errata that add a lot of excitement and realism to any chronicle by introducing new or rebalancing existing game mechanics, especially in the field of character creation. Not a fan of that; I can deal with game imbalances to reflect the setting i. I’ve recently started thinking about it, and given how massively popular and detailed the Middle Earth setting is it struck me as odd that I never see it mentioned anywhere.

Nothing short of legendary, these latest introductions will prove to be must-have content for your loyal Lord of the Rings customers. The following material, other than the complete contents list, repeats what appeared in the section above on 4. Ensure that the abilities and deeds of ths Lord of the Rings roleplaying hero do not go unrecorded!

ICE eings seen to it that role players have been able to game in the world of J. The Decipher description appears first in each section, and any additional information gleaned from other sources appears in after that.

The Lord of the Rings RPG by Decipher

So you can simply pick the ones you like and discard the ones you don’t deem appropriate for your type of chronicle. Gabilgathol, home of Linnar’s folk, the Broadbeams 3 – Moria Kh. Views Read Edit View history. Roleplaying Game — displays complete system to date double-sided.

Maps of Middle-earth Box Set. The time now is Depart, and not one of you will be spared … You do not know your peril.


Paths of the Wise: The GM pre-made some characters and said, You can be this one or this one. The Lord of the Rings RPG by Decipher This one I’ve only seen the book itself once, several years ago in the hands of an acquaintance I’ve long since dropped out of contact with.

And the system would have to allow for a goblin’s spear being fecipher lethal thing to anyone I looked, but never found a rule that could stop a mage from transforming a balrog into an insect and squashing it. The overall impression the book gave was that wizards’ apprentices and dwarven runecarvers and such were commonplace. This boxed game will premiere in stores Decemberoffering both RPG and movie fans the excitement and exhilaration that Hobbits, Dwarves, and Men face as they journey through the mythic expanses of Middle-earth.

Decipher RPGs*

Olorin gave up much when he took the form of an old man and returned to Middle Earth. Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the Forum Rules. From the pastoral hills of the Shire to the majesty of the Argonath and the Falls of Rauros, this book gives players and Tolkien fans alike a comprehensive overview of this beloved tale and its unforgettable characters.

The Fan Club was also run by Decipher. The Lord of the Rings RPG by Decipher A case could be made for the 5 Wizards and many elves at least Noldor and Sindar, especially old elves not being player characters, especially if the rule set one chooses emphasizes balance. In detail, the Compendium II features: LongChristian MooreOwen M.