In his book, “Entangled Minds”, Dean Radin blends his experience as a scientist with his sincere desire to present readers with easily understood and timely. Entangled Minds is Dean Radin’s second book on the science of psychic phenomena (or, more generally, “psi”). As with his first book, The Conscious Universe. Entangled Minds by Dean Radin – Is everything connected? Can we sense what’s happening to loved ones thousands of miles away? Why are we sometimes.

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The entanglrd of this book promises to delve into the connections between quantum physics and ESP. But the similarity between them is remarkable, and does make one wonder about the possibilities.

It appears that certain types of events in the globe affect the way humanity in general thinks. Would we occasionally have numinous feelings of connectedness with loved ones at a distance? Some skeptics would have you believe that this topic is so far from the mainstream that no one takes it seriously.

The author says, “Something very interesting is going on here. That is where the name came from. Scientists are now finding that there are ways in which the effects of microscopic entanglements “scale up” into our macroscopic world. This books achieves different very important things at once.

Psychic phenomena include mental influences on physical mater, and Radin spends considerable time explaining this. When the Wikipedia entry on Garrett was edited by referring to this blog post, the correction was removed in 6 hours, citing my post as an “unreliable source. And in fact, there is hope for the world. Jung investigated Synchronicity for that last 50 years of his life convinced that there are no such of a thing called coincidence but that signals do travel throughout the consciousness universe that relays information to other beings.


It’s worth noting he was a concert violinist, who then earned a masters in electrical engineering and a doctorate in psychology. It once again reminded me that western science is ignorant to the discoveries that ancient cultures knew centuries ago. Quintessential text on the subject of psychic phenomenon. My lay understanding of quantum mechanics, entanglement and string theory needed an update.

Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality

Mar 19, Laine Cunningham rated it it was ok. Why any critic thinks that midns solve the problem is beyond me. Now the only acceptable evidence is based on experimental designs that are publicly preregistered.

And isn’t that what a healthy science is all about — the excitement of exploring the frontiers of knowledge? Transistence Sci Fi Web Series.

Alex Grey’s funky psychedelic paintings got me curious about notions of “entanglement” — what if our selves don’t always end at the physical boundary of our bodies? So is it even possible to craft a truly neutral assessment? But it is disappointing and on the verge of abetting libel when it comes to biographies of living persons when an otherwise useful encyclopedia maintains a policy of presenting such topics with a systematic negative bias.

The idea of the universe as an interconnected whole is not new; for millennia it’s been one of the core assumptions of Eastern philosophies. But the latest scientific research shows that these phenomena are both real and widespread, and are an unavoidable consequence of the interconnected, entangled physical reality we live in.

Dean Radin | Entangled Minds | Brain Sync

Because of this lack, I was disappointed in th The title of this book promises to delve into the connections between quantum physics and ESP. Science be trippin’ Too much commentary and not enough substance. Entagled Minds came from the quantum physics expression “entaglement” and it sugests that, since particles are entangled, entaglement is what could explain such things as telepathy. As we explore the concept of psi as “entangled minds,” we’ll consider examples of psi experiences in life and lab, we’ll review the origins of psi research, we’ll explore the results of thousands of controlled laboratory tests, and we’ll debunk skeptical myths about psi.


It should be clear to anyone familiar with this literature that this area of research will one day profoundly influence the future of science.

Dean Radin – Entangled Minds

It could have been an intriguing book, however he dsan too much time “proving” the point, and not enough time on the theories behind the proof. Yes—for now, and that’s what makes it more attractively interesting; because we can have information about these fields of research only from clairvoyants—for now.

When you drill down into the core of even the most solid-looking material, separateness dissolves. Entangled Minds sets the stage for a rational, scientific understanding of psychic experience. One of Radin’s chapters “Gaia’s Dreams” addresses a set of experiments that are increasingly attracting mainstream scientific attention.

Though the information provided in this book is very interesting, most of the scientists fail to grasp the —even subtler— quantum and conscious reality around us. By which —and according to what I sense— we should not be so much concerned about the brain and its mechanisms.

To introduce the idea of mind-matter interaction, Radin summarizes a large set of laboratory experiments in minvs mental influences are statistically apparent in things as diverse as throwing dice to the computation of random numbers by computers.

Thus, even when he discusses early approaches to the study of psi, he keeps his eye on this larger theoretical picture.