a. dbmcli -d -u control, – Login b. dbmcli -d -u control, db_offline|db_state| db_online – Shutdown c. dbmcli db_enum & sdbuninst -l – Identify. The Database Manager has a command-line oriented client, the Database Manager CLI (DBMCLI). The Database Manager CLI is. At the server, the startsap command executed successfully, it shows that ASCS Command: dbmcli -d GWD -u control, info LOG.

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When multiple objects cbmcli the target of a DROP command, there is the possibility of partial success. Stateless alerts are never cleared.

The durationInHrs parameter specifies the number of hours of logs and traces to include in the diagnostic package. There is no string to specify this type.

SAP ERP with MaxDB

Example Removing All syslog. OFF Stops writing spooling output to the file. Rules for the system logging utility syslogd. The number of times the port training state machine has successfully completed the link error recovery process. You can use the following values for httpsAccess:.


For example the range ‘ WelcomeGuest Login Register. Values are clearinfowarningor critical.

DBMCLI – SAP Documentation

Unique name of the threshold. Number of days ADR files are retained. The format of packStartTime is:. The priority option for the syslogconf attribute must be one of the following: Recommended action to perform for this alert.

The list of attributes that can be displayed is shown in Example The -v option is for fine, -vv is for finer, and -vvv is for the finest level. Location of Diagnostic Packages. Example Creating a Threshold This example shows how to create a threshold.

You can display the network name with the uname -n command. In the preceding syntax, selector is the message type, and node is the specified server.

To continue a long command on to the next line, insert a hyphen – at the end of the line. To use this type, just omit the type field.

Example shows how to specify the type of e-mail alerts. By default, e-mail notifications are sent in HTML format. Interconnect 1 to 4 for the database server. Replaces the contents of an existing specified file. For commands that accept dates, the standard date-time format is recommended.



The dbmmonitor user can run the following commands:. Example shows how to grant privileges to a role. A white DB server locator LED has been turned on to help locate the affected cell, and an amber service action LED has been lit on the drive to help locate the affected drive.

The interconnect1 and interconnect2 attributes must be specified if interconnect3 is specified, and so on.

This section contains the following topics: The number of times the port training state machine has failed the link error recovery commanfs, and halted the link.

Unique identifier for the alert. You can change the alert by setting the examinedBy attribute.