Nov 17, the end of the data sheet. 2 Applications. • Operates With Any 8-Bit µP Processors or as a. Stand-Alone Device. • Interface to Temp Sensors. Category. Description, 8-bit Digital-to-analog Converters. Company, National Semiconductor Corporation. Datasheet, Download DAC datasheet. Cross ref. DAC Datasheet PDF Download – (DAC – DAC) 8-BIT DIGITAL-TO- ANALOG CONVERTERS, DAC data sheet.

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Unfortunately, this prevents the program to process the audio data from the microcontroller; and therefore the background thread was created. The mixed signal of voice and music signals is eventually output to PortC for digital-to-analog conversion using DAC chip and datashret analog output of DAC is connected to a speaker to output the signal. At the same time, the user can change the setting and effects of the multimedia system without noticing the delay in command process.

The amplified analog signal of voice input is connected to PA0 to use the internal analog-to-digital converter to transform the voice signal into digital format. Therefore we implemented a sample buffer of size bytes to store the datashret samples and reuse the buffer continuously. The signal will datwsheet propagated to the digital-to-analog converter chip DAC to be transferred into analog format.

ECE Final Project

Every time, the program reads an input from the pipe. If a thread attempts to use the sharing resources, it first acquires the critical section object. It can be run under command prompt, but we created a Java application to make use of this program more user-friendly.


The overall architecture of this project has been shown in Figure 1. However, we found that using a PC can provide a much flexible and user-friendly control interface.

Another dialog box will pop up to input the wave file to be sent, the user account and password of the sender of the email, the recipient email address, and the message content of the email. When the user wants to start this multimedia system, he should datashee the MCU program first and then launch the PC software application.

Therefore, we did not expect the quality can be as high as the CD players. The clock signal is equal to. Besides, initially we decided to output the processed signal to the speaker in the same approach that we learned in Lab 2. The use of ports of microcontroller.

Pin 1 and 2 of ADC are the and control pins which are connected to ground to enable the chip all the time. Since the ADC chip needs a signal to start the conversion and a clock to drive the ship, PD4 and PD5 of the microcontroller are connected to the two pins respectively to control the ADC chip.

Besides, we are able to synthesize the data and generate some amazing effects. The packet structure for command packet has 4 bytes.

There are 7 different commands the PC can send to the microcontroller. The audio signal will be shown on the wave display panel, and the panel is updated by a software timer every 1 second.

However, since the wireless signal is not stable due to interference with other groups that we did dahasheet apply it eventually. All the configurations have been setup, but adc0801 need to install Platform SDK as mentioned before. This would lower the sound quality. The greater the echo delay, the more noticeable is the echo effect.


Since we used the following code to compute the value for OCR0 of Timer0, the accuracy of the sampling rate of audio signals varies. However, there is only 2K SRAM memory in the microcontroller and the daac0801 effect occupies bytes.

When used as a multiplying DAC, monotonic performance over a 40 to 1 reference current range is possible.

1989 Linear Data Manual Volume 1 Communications

The random number generated by the function rand is of 16 bits that we decided to use its 7 most significant bits as the random signal. The Java Application sleeps for one second after sending the quit command. The reference voltage is 5V. Besides, our program allows us to transfer the audio signals from the microcontroller to the PC at a baud rate of This data structure is set as below: The Lower Pitch distortion option is done by averaging the past 16 voice signals from our test.

Voice output consists of additive white Gaussian noise. Also, we could understand more about the analog circuit when we integrated all the hardware components. The reference-to-full-scale current matching of better than g 1 LSB eliminates the need for full-scale trims in most applications while the nonlinearities of better than g 0.