tratamentos pré-germinativos e inoculação micorrízica. O cultivo de maracujazeiro roxo tem aumentado na. Colômbia, como resultado direto. Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia (Passiflora edulis f edited by John Ocampo Pérez, Kris A. G. Wyckhuys. About this book. Ecofisiología del cultivo de la Gulupa: passiflora edulis sims. Front Cover. Univ. Nacional de Colombia, – pages.

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Equatorial diameter was taken along the widest belt of the fruit. Ripening characteristics of gulupa on and off the vine.

Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia – page 14

Presentado el 5 de marzo deaceptado el 9 de mayo decorrecciones e 7 de mayo de In addition, they found that fresh, commercial fruit and juice are mainly featured by z -carotene and b -carotene, the latter contributing to vitamin A content. In the mentioned species, the exponential phase occurs between seven and 15 days after anthesis, depending on the environment where the fruits have grown.

Efecto del deshidratado en el contenido de licopeno en distintos cultivares de tomate. Etnobotany and pharmacological potentials.

These changes feature the fruit’s characteristic color.

Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia (Passiflora edulis f – Google Books

En Colombia fue introducida encrece cultivada o de forma silvestre entre y msnm. Estimating fruit pulp carotenoid content from shell color in gulupa Passiflora edulis Sims.


Growth, development and maturation of the purple Passiflora edulis Sims. Evaluating purple passion fruit Passiflora edulis Sims f. Poscosecha de la Gulupa Passiflora edulis Sims. Postharvest Biology and Technology 15 3: J Ark Acad Sci. This situation could probably be due to differences in the studied genetic materials. Among them, purple passion fruit Passiflora edulis Sims is largely accepted in European markets.

Mem Fac Agr Kagoshima Univ. In fact, this attribute is frequently used to take prompt decisions on whether a given food is edible or cloombia Artigas et al. They attributed this change to chlorophyll degradation, which is associated to the appearance of pigments, mostly carotenoids. The tropical andean bee fauna Insecta: Hence, it can be said that the riper the product, the more of this metabolite it contains.

Some of food quality attributes are color, texture and flavor. Grupo Editorial Iberoamericana S. This indicates that growth takes place mainly during the first month. Landscape effects on crop pollination services: Variation in this index is consistent with the evolution of each of the variables in the CIE color space.

Comercio exterior de Colombia. The sigmoid growth pattern of the Passifloraceae has been described by Arjona et al. En este trabajo consideramos visitantes de P. For their part, the fruits off the vine showed a steeper slope in this ratio’s increase, although hulupa reached a lower final value.


Sin embargo, en tal altura algunas de estas especies aparecieron solo en calidad de ocasionales. Mangosteen to white sapote.

Cartagena 2Guillermo Correa 3 1 Dr. High-Andean fruits are considered important for their domestic consumption and exportation potential. Throughout history, humanity has adapted itself to this food color range, to the point of having modified the color of some foods.

Among them, purple passion fruit Passiflora edulis Sims culivo, most of colombix production is currently exported, amounting 3, t intraded for an FOB value of U.

For each response variable, we chose the best fitting model, i. En el cultivo ubicado a msnm, se registraron siete especies, mientras que en el cultivo gulhpa a msnm, se encontraron 18 especies de visitantes. Based on the models adjusted for fruit growth, it can be concluded that harvest must be carried out between days 85 – 90 after full bloom.