son escasos y no existen instrumentos específicos en español para su evaluación. En este artículo se . genéricos SF y el WHOQOL-BREF. Estos tipos de. The WHOQOL has been developed from an extensive pilot test of some These questions represent the finalized version of the WHOQOL to be. This manual was drafted by Alison Harper on behalf of the WHOQOL group. The. WHOQOL group comprises a coordinating group, collaborating investigators in.

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Its range lies between the lowest possible number of items n x 1 and highest possible number of items n x 5 value of the respective facet. Introduction Consideration of quality espall life QOL is becoming increasingly important in evaluations woqol-bref health policy and medical intervention. Table 4 gives the results of the multi-trait analysis showing correlations between the facets of the WHOQOL and its six domains.

Although there are pertinent issues for ciestionario that arise in re- lation to the personal environment, general agreement was found from the focus groups that the existing scales of the WHOQOL already covered the personal environment sufficiently.

Therefore it may be possible to use it to assess variations in QOL across different cultures, to compare subgroups within the same culture, and to measure change cuuestionario time in response to change in life circumstances. For example, about your participation in community life or your achievements in life.

Colombian participants scored lower than Spaniards in items concerning the overall satisfaction with health and their residence, while they scored higher than them in items referring to the interference of pain with their daily routine, the extent to which they feel their lives to be meaningful, their own physical acceptance, the availability of information, and their opportunity for leisure activities.


Odd ratios and confidence intervals.

Aos componentes do Grupo WHOQOL, que compreende um grupo coordenador, investigadores colaboradores nos centros originais, investigadores colaboradores dos novos centros e um painel de consultores.

Vol 34 No 2 Psychometrika, 79pp. Quality of life assessment: A sample was recruited comprised of subjects who were undergoing treatment with methadone in Esaol and Extremadura.

The WHO quality of life (WHOQOL) questionnaire: Spanish development and validation studies.

The paired t -test was used to assess the responsiveness to clinical change of scores on the WHOQOL at baseline and post-treatment in the different groups. Those who cared for patients with schizophrenia had the lowest cuestionzrio on 17 of the 30 comparisons between domains and facets.

The mean duration of illness was longest for patients with esaol renal disease or schizophrenia. The different nuances in vocabulary presented by the regions included in the sample might undoubtedly lead to variations in the way to understand the items and therefore the answer given to each of them.

Validación del cuestionario de calidad de vida (WHOQOL-BREF) en adultos mayores chilenos

Neither those who cared for patients with hypertension nor those who cared for patients with breast cancer scored lowest for any of the comparisons. We can find three examples of these tendencies in Fig. Quality of Life Research, 7: The result offers solid values for internal consistency both as concerns the items and the scales. A pilot study was conducted with 45 patients who had one of the diseases being studied and 36 of their caregivers.

Quality of Life Assesment In summary, the present findings provide evidence of different responding patterns in the WHOQOL questionnaire in the Spanish-speaking countries considered in this study, and these patterns are not equivalent to those of Spanish individuals, the population for which the WHOQOL was validated.

Works without significant DIF in the studied items can also be found.

Responsiveness to change Fig. Initial development The protocol for conducting focus groups established a common framework for inter- preting and assessing the espaok reported by each Centre.


Finally, items 7, 8, 9, 16, 17, 18, 21, 26 presented scores no different from Spanish participants, especially item 17, which present no high or low score in any of the sample countries. It is important whoqool-bref keep that in mind when we intend to interpret the scores and, especially, if we intend to compare results between different countries.

According to the definition of the concept of Quality of Life WHOQOL Group,each individual’s perception of their position in life is tightly related to the cultural context and value system of their social network.

This can often be your first response.

The WHO quality of life (WHOQOL) questionnaire: Spanish development and validation studies.

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology ; In addition, according with the general characteristics of the logistic model, we assume the non-uniform function in the distribution of effects through the different countries.

This model includes an four items each, showed good fit statistics for confirmatory testing of the measurement overall higher order factor onto which all first-order factors load; beside the intercorre- lations of the facets, also the presence of this higher order factor would suggest that the WHOQOL-OLD module could be scored to give a total score in addition to a profile of scores across the six facets.

Harm Reduction Journal, 10, That is the case of populations from Spanish-speaking countries: Within domains most facet correlations were satisfactory, although some facets correlated more strongly with a domain other than that to which they had been assigned.