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Even if you are not finished with the exam by this time, you should turn in what you have, so that I can award partial credit. It will be more important for you to be pretty good at thinking abstractly. Course Learning Outcomes At the end of the course, you should be able to: Javascript is disable – Webestools – Vote Service notation module. Once your methods work, the text displayed above the tree hanvouts correctly indicate whether the tree is symmetric. It can be seen that nandouts following rules apply: The object-oriented concepts of polymorphism, virtual functions and protected data members will not be covered in this course.

In general, would all nodes in the tree get printed? If yes, in what order? Examples stress the importance handiuts different problem-solving methods. It will also prevent over-crowding in hadnouts Zoo. There will be more-or-less weekly problem sets. There are two required textbook s for the course: The exam is open book in the sense that you can consult any books, handouts, or notes from this class to solve the problems.

cs201 handouts

This method is called from the paint method in PointCanvas to draw the arrangement of points and lines on the left side of the applet. Give your answers in big-O notation and include brief justifications.

It can be seen that The left width of an empty tree handots 0 The left width of a leaf is 1 The left width of a tree with a left child is the width of the child The right width is defined analogously. I am the only person you may talk to about the exam.


Also, you may not consult material or solutions from previous semesters or try to gain access to the source code for sample applets. Starting with basic programming concepts, the course develops skill in handling decision and looping structures.

Introduction to Programming – CS VU Lecture Handouts

You can run it from within Eclipse by opening KdTreeApplet. Next, on level 2 we only have one node, an x-node again, and its blue vertical splitting line ends at the horizontal “parent line”. Once your methods work, the drawing on the left side of applet should match that of the sample applet. Pretty everything you’d ever want to know about Haskell can be found at the website haskell. Else, sort the vector of points from index start.

You can also easily download your own version of GHC from haskell. Turning in this Exam Handoutz will turn in the code for this exam electronically as usual.

CS 201 Computer Science I Spring 2000

A non-trivial percentage of the assignments, by the way, will not involve any programming at all. That is, you are expected to do all of the homework assignments except one, as discussed above!

Start by adding your name to the top KdTreeOps. The minimal Point hanrouts has public instance variables x and y hnadouts direct access, as well as a useful instance method coord boolean isX that retrieves one of x and y depending on whether isX is true or false.

To do so for the sample exam applet, type appletviewer http: The following strategy is employed: If a program does not work completely, it would be helpful if you included comments that describe what aspects of your program do and don’t work. Here’s a snapshot of the exam 2 applet in action, with hand-drawn annotations: Recall that you can run any applet in the appletviewer by providing the URL of the page containing the applet.


Be sure that your code at least compiles, otherwise you will likely receive a failing grade on the programming portion. K-d Trees The programming problems on this exam involve K-d trees a data structure used to organize points in K dimensions.

The practice sessions are kept away from “windows” type programming to ensure that mastering the basic concepts is not clouded by unnecessary details at this stage. Please work on the homework bit by bit over the week, rather than leaving it to a marathon session the night before it is due. The premise is that a good grounding in structured programming will be required when moving into the object-oriented domain that would be covered in depth in a later course.

As you are completing the programming problems, more functionality will be added piece by piece, which allows you to test your code for each problem thoroughly before moving on to the next problem. The Haskell implementation that we will use is called GHCand it is installed in the Department’s educational computing cluster call the Zoowhich is located on the third floor of A. How many are there? The KdTree class is similar to the IntTree class, but each node stores a point and a boolean “isX” keeping track of whether it’s an x-node or a y-node.

Amittai Aviram Office Hours: C Programming Language by Kernighan and Ritchie.

Draw all ordered AVL i. Paul Hudak Office hours: Once your methods work, the node counts displayed above the tree should be correct.