CoolMiniOrNot – Crom The Conqueror. The Internet’s largest gallery of painted miniatures, with a large repository of how-to articles on miniature painting. Nov 22, Vardek Crom, Herald of Archaon: Also known as Crom the Conqueror. A powerful warlord of the Kul tribe, Vardek Crom is allied with Archaon. Posts about Crom the Conqueror written by digitaldiva

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Catching sight of the knights across the sweeping plains I bellowed challenges at them until eventually their dark leader raised a hand, stopping my riders and turning them back. Cypher walks offstage to yell at the assassin character to back away from his guest then walks conquror to his seat:: He specializes in both cleaving through ranked infantry and countering enemy characters, so the trick is knowing when and where to put him.

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Without pause, Conquegor flung himself weaponless at my foe but as fast as he was, Archaon was faster, his right hand closing in a vice-like grip about my throat.

Born into a land constantly riven by warfare, the people of the north must be strong warriors lest they meet an early and brutal end in battle.

I command a horde of fearsome warriors that could bring the end to the Emipre and their pathctic allies. Another of the armored warriors stepped forward; and again I cut him down with ease. Cypher grabs the camera and points in at him:: Each style has its own special advantage in a challenge. However, it’s his special rules that really make him as a character.

I would be honored.

As far as I was concerned, for Archaon to make such a statement as this was the ultimate blasphemy. Drawing my sword I challenged Archaon to single combat and to prove tge he was indeed the chosen of the Gods.

A victory well earned. A dozen times more Archaon sent forth his champions, and each time Conquueror proved victorious, the blood of the knights spilt upon the tje Steppes. A tribe of the Kurgan people, the Kul stake their cromm on the lands above the Worlds Edge Mountains and to the east of the Sea of Chaos, from where they launch brutal raids on their neighboring tribes, sometimes traveling as far as Cathay or the Empire in their quest for plunder.


Only as the last blood-red rays of the sun dipped down behind the Worlds Edge Mountains did we pull apart, our muscles drained and coqueror flowing from scores of wounds. He is one of the Lieutenants of Archaonand the most feared and powerful of them all, to the point he received his own custom rules to allow thw to be used as a character in his own right.

In walks a humongous hulking green monster wearing thick heavy plate armor while wielding a huge twin bladed axe in one hand and a human head in his other hand:: The Sword he possessed already, and the Eye and the Mark. Since he specializes at nullifying enemy characters, this is precisely what you want him doing anyway. His jaw clenched, and seething with resentment, Grimgor stared balefully at me and the ranks of my victorious followers.

This page was last modified on 10 Decemberat Would you not prefer to hear the tale of how I defeated Grimgor Ironhide? He first appeared in the Warhammer Chronicles of White Dwarfand his rules were reprinted in the Storm of Chaos army book.

Thats a safety precaution and we are also turning this room into an interrogation chamber. The Everchosen defeated conqudror Conqueror effortlessly and revealed to him conquedor Sword, stopping Crom dead in his tracks. WAR News An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. I have bested the menacing Grimgor Ironhide at the Worlds Edge Mountains and I will tear off the head of that miserable monster for defeating Archaon.


In the game, and in the edition he was written for, Crom the Conqueror is a damn melee beast. On the plus side, your Marauders and Marauder Horsemen units all get the Mark of Chaos Undivided for free, which is handy, since they’re the cheapest unit you have in this sort of army conqureor they have the suckiest Leadership, so that free reroll is useful. Well, remind me not to get on your bad side then.

Vardek Crom The Conqueror

And you are still the herald of the Lord of End Times. Wee could you stick around to meet this mysterious person that I guess will interview now? As he lifted me high off the ground, Archaon abandoned his shield and drew his sword, the blade easing from the scabbard.

Crying out in triumph I demanded once more that Archaon face me. Neither me or Grimgor could get the better of the other, our skills perfectly matched. Quite, at first the dark knight gave ground before the me, beating aside the ferocious attacks with his shield, seemingly unable to draw his own weapon in the face of such skill and ferocity. Slowly, I shook my head. Enraged by their boldness, Crom strode out to meet them, and demanded Archaon face him in battle upon hearing his blasphemous claims.

Vardek Crom – 1d4chan

Since that day, Crom has been Archaon’s most loyal follower, roaming far and wide at Archaon’s side and beyond, the self-proclaimed Herald of the Everchosen. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The knights spurred towards me, and I found myself encircled.

In walks a heavily armored warrior wielding a tower shield and is holding crpm sword::