Find great deals for Cisco Catalyst R – switch. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Cisco Catalyst R – switch Cisco Catalyst R-E – switch. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This article describes that installation of a Cisco Catalyst R-E switch, including two Supervisor Engines II (WS-X+) and a 48 port Gigabit PoE module.

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Cisco engineers have thought of everything on the R-E. This Catalyst device comes with superior manageability options that simplify administrative tasks and pave 45507r way for increased operational efficiency and maximized productivity in the workplace.

Cisco Catalyst R – switch Cisco Catalyst R-E – switch | eBay

Network Administrator Savvas Filippidis gets ready to install a line card. Sharing our articles takes only a minute of your time and helps Firewall. Cisco Catalyst R – switch Be the first to write a 457r. Skip to main content. The whopping Watt power supplies were a considerable weight.

Cisco Catalyst R – switch. Apart from these minor cosmetic changes the switch looks exactly the same as its predecessor. Mission-critical operations need not be halted in cases where a line card, cooling fan, supervisor engine, processor or power supply becomes defective.

This provides investment cosco and the capability to meet future high-bandwidth requirements in the network.

Cisco Catalyst 4507R – switch

This will help avoid electrostatic discharge that can possibly damage the line cards or supervisor engines. Naturally, we had to capture this moment and here it is in all its glory:. Once loaded, the IOS will check for the existence of a second Supervisor engine, establish connection with it and, depending on which slot it is located in, it will automatically initialise the second engine in standby mode as shown below:.

This excellent functionality makes sure that whatever configuration is applied to the active Supervisor engine will be available to the standby engine should the first one fail.

Deal with bandwidth spikes Free Download. We should note that extreme caution must be given when removing and inserting the cards. The command also shows the Supervisor engines’ configured redundany operating mode and status. The Supervisor Engine sockets extend to the far right to a total of three sockets per Supervisor Engine:. Back to Cisco Switches Section. As technology advances and new and powerful applications are deployed, tougher requirements for better network services delivery should be promptly met by organizations of all sizes.


The picture taken on the left shows the eight fans placed on the fan-tray. You may also like. The command reveals that the backplane power consumption is approximately 40 Watts followed by a detailed report of the installed modules. Interestingly enough, if you take a look at the power supply on top of the chassis, you’ll notice three long white strips inside the power supply.

Turning on the power supplies for the first time made the datacenter’s light dim instantantly as they began to draw power for the first time! Driven by our thirst for technical material and experience, we thought it would be a great idea to start presenting various installations of Cisco equipment around the globe, especially equipment that we don’t get to play with everyday. Any Condition Any Condition. During the switchover, Layer 2 links are maintained transparently without the need to renegotiate sessions.

Installation of a Cisco Catalyst 4507R-E Layer 3 Switch

Going cidco to the chassis, all we found was the power supply connector where the middle pin sockets are easily seen.

You can easily see the 5 heatsinks, two of which are quite large and do an excellent job in keeping the processors cool:. The backplane connector is visible with its white colour back left cornerand right behind the 48 ports is an area covered with a metallic housing.

When working with two supervisor engines, the R is usually configured to automatically switch from one engine to the other without network interruptions, even for a VoIP network with active calls between ends.

Deal with bandwidth spikes Free Download. Failure to meet these minimum configuration requirements can cause a false power supply output fail signal. After inserting one of the Supervisor Engines and two power supplies, here is the result:.

Engine is in active state cixco Utilization Cisfo. Follow us Subscribe to the RSS feed http: Visible behind the faceplate is the circuitry board and heatsinks attached to the dual-CPUs and other processors In the above screenshot, we’ve configured the switch to boot using a specific IOS located in the bootflash, as soon as we saved the configuration using the wr command, the Ciso engine automatically synchronised the two engines’ nvram without any additional commands.


Web Vulnerability Scanner Free Download. As shown in our picture the fan tray consists of two larger fans on the same level as the Supervisor Engines, and six smaller fans taking care of the cooling for the rest of the line cards:.

Once the Supervisor engine bootup process is complete, you are able to configure any aspect of the switch according to your needs, just as you would with any other Cisco Catalyst switch. It includes two slots for supervisor engines and five slots for line cards, where ciscco line-card slot either supports 24 or 48 gigabits per second of switching capacity.

After opening the package and removing the plastic wrapping, we placed the switch on the floor so we could take a better look at it. These ports can come in handy when you’re approaching your switch’s full capacity. Of course, anything on the left side of the chassis vieweable in our picture would be immediately blown away. After inserting the fan-tray back in place, it was time to take a look around and see what else what left to play with. The new chassis are capable of providing up to Gbps switching capacity at 48 Gb per slot.

To overcome the problem of installing the heavy switch, we decided to remove both power supplies and all cards from the chassis. The great part of this switch is that you can obtain any type of information you require from it. On top is the editor’s Chris Partsenidis laptop with a familair website loaded, Firewall.

Articles To Read Next: We saw areas of the switch which you won’t easily find elsewhere and our generous amount of pictures made sure you understood what the R-E looks like, inside and out!