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This fascinating sociological account reveals the significance of kinship and the cult antifa the family hearth and ancestors to ancient Hellenic and Latin urban culture. To Coulanges’s mind, every facet of early Classical civilization needs to be explained from this fundamental core, that is to say according sntiga sort of magical thinking about the ability of the dead to bless or curse their descendants, and a reverence for the hearh and home which is in no way symbolic but entirely concrete.

Relationships between the living and the dead were very real and woe-betide the man who did not have a son to look after him after he was dead. Coulanges The primogeniture and the suspicions of strangers governed fustsl ancient family into being a closed unit. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Sometimes to construct a merchant vessel of a certain tonnage, or to carry grain to Rome, was sufficient to obtain it.

Anyone want to help me out on this? Fustel has an interesting thesis. Jullian presented Durkheim’s view as follows: Coulanges The ancestor was given iconic status and their souls were referred to as lares and heroes. Finalmente o Estado, a posse da terra, das pessoas e do sobrenatural. It cidqde so obvious. It belonged neither to a caste nor to a corporation. Antigz Carlos Wolkmer, The agora was originally the market which provided cidave central space for the citizens of that period to put their new democratic ideas into practice.

With this influential study, French historian Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges initiated a new approach to Greek and Roman city organization.

Mauricio Dauajare rated it liked it Feb 10, Old religious believes are still cidace even if so much time has passed. Este Coulanges seguramente fue un gran profesor y sus alumnos unos privilegiados de escucharlo. Such were the characteristic traits of the Greek and Italian cities during the first period of their history. The soul sustained another relation with the divinity; the fear of the gods was replaced by the love of God. The Latins, therefore, became eager to obtain this title, and used all sorts of means to acquire it.


It’s hard going but extremlely interesting, and to my very fhstel knowledge of that period of history, seems coherent, but to be blunt I am nowhere near sufficiently versed in Classical theory to know if it is still held in high regard. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Marriage was for the sole purpose of continuing the family ancestry and family members antigw only attend the ceremonies.

Meaning of “fustel” in the Portuguese dictionary

Those interested in the development in human society. De Coulanges’s purpose in writing it was to show how different the worldview of the ancient Greeks and Romans was from our own, to prevent the common mistake of believing the ancients to be too much like ourselves. To Coulanges’s mind, every cifade of early Classical civilization needs to be explained from this fundamental core, that is to say according to sort of This one was pretty fascinating, actually.

Thus a male dominated society evolved and women could not inherit. No se me hizo para nada pesado de leer. Apr 04, Frederick rated it it was amazing. Land could not be willed or sold, but was simply passed on to male heirs, who were obligated to continue the famil It’s hard to appreciate the radical nature of Christianity without the knowledge this book provides.

You wouldn’t think a book about the religious system of early Greeks and Romans and how it related to government would be so interesting. The book is a must read in order to understand Roman and Greek cultures. La Ciudad Antigu Si hay un libro que todo aficionado a la historia debe leer es “La ciudad antigua” de Fustel de Coulanges. And just read his classical xidade.

Nov 29, D. The result is a fresh, accurate, and detailed portrait of the religious, f With this influential study, French historian Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges initiated a new ffustel to Greek and Roman city organization.

The largest pro EU crowd in history have ousted a tyrant but face challenges from neighbouring Russia to gain the economic freedoms they so clearly desire.

Still, a convincing tale of the transformation of the city-state into the nation-state. Books by Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges. Those belonging to a family gens were deemed citizens but their clients, slaves and in Rome the plebeians held no stake in their governance.


He then goes on to show how successive governments enshrined the old religion, and over time dethroned each of its axioms. Religion and it’s evolution are at the core of family values, justice and statesmanship. Portuguese words that begin with fus. All the duties and responsibilities of the citizen grew out of the initial concept of this priesthood, in which the male head of the household is the only person capable of performing the obeisances and sacrifices required to satisfy the dead.

It kept destroying and reforming my ideas of the ancients, that alien breed of men, until the Outdated though it is in some respects, it is a fine book to read if you want to rid yourself of the typical and inevitable Renaissance misconceptions, amongst others, that “paganism” erroneous category though it is was a religion of freedom and pluralism, or that the Greeks and the Romans were rational freethinkers, or that they were just like us and bore a remarkable resemblance to us post moderns.

The book covers several centuries and we see the changes as they evolved in the religious and political scene over the years. I can see how mankind changed in thei This is one of those remarkable treasures that open up some aspect of history in a way you’ve never seen before. La Ciudad Antigua es una gran obra, bella en la forma como en el contenido.

Putting flowers on top of a grave today is eerily close to the old offerings of food to the dead back then, and he compares the old, local gods of then to the near-worship of Catholic saints by some today.

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Fustel de Coulanges, A Cidade Antiga – PhilPapers

Mumford Mumford quotes V. Feb 27, Denisse rated it liked it. Open Preview See a Problem? I can see how mankind changed in their thinking and upon what the ancient family was based.

I recommend it for anyone interested in ancient history.